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What to Do About Corroded Pipes?

Many variables work either alone or in conjunction to cause and effect the speed of corrosion in a piping system.


PipeMany variables work either alone or in conjunction to cause and effect the speed of corrosion in a piping system. Such factors include the pH levels, oxygen and chemical composition of the water, velocity, age of the pipes, and even the temperature of the water. Pipe corrosion is not related to the quality of water since even the best water may have a very corrosive effect on a piping system, dependent upon the presence of these variables. Moisture and oxygen are often the main culprits, resulting in rust, which creates friction that locks up the metal joints and impact water pressure. On the outside, poor soil conditions, or the use of clay soil, may also cause corrosion, which can lead to leaks and contamination. There are some temporary solutions that can address rust, such as thread-loosening lubricants, or plumber’s wax. However, these sections of rust should eventually be removed and replaced as the presence of harmful metals in water supply may have an impact on the health of those exposed to it.

While not every plumbing concern may require a professional, corroded pipes are a job best addressed by a plumber, especially since replacements are a likely necessity for this issue. A large scale job such as this is best performed by a professional plumber. Even when handled by a professional, repiping is time-intensive and may involve cutting open walls and ceilings in order to remove the corroded pipes. Although it may be inconvenient, possibly resulting in no water for about a week and having to repair walls or ceilings damaged during the repiping process, the consequences of not replacing corroded pipes are worse. In the long run, fixing corroded pipes will prevent further costs and problems that may arise from ignoring the problem.

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