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Why Won’t My Furnace Start?

Will your furnace not turn on? Here are some reasons why and how to fix them! For all your HVAC needs, call our technicians at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling.


Summers Plumbing Heating & CoolingBrr…baby, it’s cold inside! Though these might not be the lyrics you remember from the holiday classic, it might be the words you sing if your furnace doesn’t turn on! Your furnace is the system that works hard to keep your home warm. With the winter setting in nicely, it might be a key to a comfortable holiday season. But what do you do when your furnace doesn’t turn on? First thing is don’t panic! We’re here to help! At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we want you to have the best winter possible. That is why we’ve compiled a few things to check in case your furnace is acting finicky.

Check the Thermostat

This might seem too easy of a fix, but go check to make sure if your thermostat is on. Sometimes, when a house or street loses power, the thermostat will automatically turn off. Make sure that it is on. While you are there, make sure that it is set to a temperature that you find comfortable. To see if your thermostat might be the reason your furnace is not turning on, set the temperature 10 degrees higher and check if your home heats up.

Check the Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker is responsible for monitoring the current of electricity flowing through your home. If it has caused other electrical disturbances in your house, it may also prevent your furnace from working. Go to your circuit breaker panel and make sure the switch for the HVAC system is flipped on. If you are having problems with your circuit breaker, contact our HVAC technicians for help.

Check the Condensate Pan

The condensate pans on your furnace help drain the unit of water that accumulates. If the pan works appropriately, it should pump or dispense the water gathered. However, if your pan is filled with water, it can be what causes your furnace from turning on.

If your pan has a drain, make sure it is clean and clear. If it is blocked, it will stop the water from flowing through. If your pan has a pump, check to make sure the float switch is in the “down” position. If your float switch is turned up, it will stop your furnace.

Check Your Air Filter

Your air filters should be changed regularly. If they have not, they can become clogged or dusty. This can prevent air from passing through. If it feels like your furnace is not working, check to see if your filters are clean and allowing the heat through.

Check Your Pilot Light

Check to see if your pilot light is on. If it has gone out, relight it. However, if it flickers off after, it can indicate that the assembly or sensor are dirty.

Check Your Gas

If you have a gas furnace, make sure that your gas is working properly. To check if it is, try lighting your stove or other gas appliances. If they do not turn on, there you go! You’ve found your problem. However, if you smell gas, get out of the house quickly and call for immediate repair. Gas leaks can be very dangerous!

We hope these tips help you figure out your furnace needs so that you can enjoy roasting chestnuts by an open fire. If you still experience trouble, contact our leading Indiana and Ohio heating technicians. We bring years of knowledge and can find a solution to your HVAC problems.


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