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Why Should You Regularly Change Air Filters?

Learn why it's important to change your air filter regularly. For all your HVAC needs, call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling today.

Your heating and cooling system is the unsung hero of your home. It quietly (for the most part) works to ensure that your home is cozy for the winter and cool for the summer. It is as vital to the smooth functioning of your house as the heart is to your body. You are diligent in washing and taking care of yourself, right? Your HVAC system deserves the same attention. It is what ensures your comfort year round.

One of the most important things you can do to help your heating and cooling system is to change the air filters. Why, you might be wondering? How does simply replacing the little box of net help a whole household? A filter can help in many aspects of your HVAC systems.

Reasons to Change Your Air Filter

You may think it is tedious, but regularly changing your air filter can save you a lot of time and frustration in the future. Some of the benefits of regularly maintaining your air filters include:

  • Extending the life of your heating and cooling system – A clean air filter allows cold and hot air to flow smoothly through the system into your home. However, when dirt and dust start accumulating in the filter, it can slow or stop airflow. This causes your HVAC unit to work even harder, which can take its toll. If left unaddressed, dirty air filters can lead to extensive and expensive damage. Changing your air filter is cheap, easy, and can save you from major repairs.
  • Save on your energy bill – When an air filter is dirty, it clogs the air passing through the HVAC unit, causing the system to work harder. When it works harder, it uses more energy, which can increase your energy bill. The Department of Energy asserts that the average household annually spends about $2,200 on their energy bill. By maintaining clean air filters, you can save anywhere from 5-15%.
  • Clean air quality – The air in your home circulates through your HVAC system, flowing through the air filters. If your filters remain unchanged, dust, dander, and particles gather. These all are spread through your home when you use your heating and cooling system. It is especially prudent for you to change your filters if you have allergies.

When to Change Your Air Filters

Now that we have convinced you the importance of changing your filters, hopefully, you may be wondering how often you should do it. The answer is: it depends! Each unit is different depending on the various environments.

Things to consider when deciding when to change your filters:

  • What type of unit do you have? (Some have specific instructions about when to change filters).
  • Do you have pets and how many?
  • The number of people in your home.
  • General air quality / pollution in your area.

A good general number to change your filters is every two or three months. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we want to make sure you have a comfortable home and clean air to breathe. We hope these tips help you maintain clean air filters. If you do have problems with your HVAC system, contact our Indiana and Ohio technicians today!

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