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Why Does Water Leak Into My Basement After I Shower?

Have you noticed water leaking into your basement after you take a shower? Find out why. For all your plumbing needs, contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

Summers Plumbing Heating & CoolingYou take a shower and decide to take your dirty clothes downstairs and toss them in the washer. However, when you get down to your basement, you notice water leaking from the ceiling. You have not seen it before and wonder where it is coming from. In most cases, the shower you took and the leak may be connected. Often times, there are many reasons why a shower leak can end up in the basement. Some instances include having the shower directly over the basement or water leaking through the walls. You might wonder why.

Shower Pan

One of the main reasons a shower leak might lead water into the basement is because of a failing shower pan. Shower pans constitute the ground of the shower and can be made of tile or fiberglass. The latter can be ineffective because the adhesive might come undone or flex if not properly installed. In order to check if the shower pan is the main culprit of the leak, block the drain with a stopper or some object. Then, fill the shower with water. Go down to your basement and check if you see water stains appear on the ceiling. If you do, that can be the cause. However, sometimes one may need to cut the ceiling to know for sure. Before making any cuts, make sure to consult an experienced plumber in this matter.

Faulty Tile Backing or Substrate

Another cause for shower leaks that lead to the basement might be the tile backing or substrate. This is the adhesive and material placed behind the tiles to support it. Do you know what adhesive was used when putting in the shower tile? If it is pre-mixed, this might cause problems. Also, if drywall was used as a backing, it can become “mushy” due to water damage. If these are the problems, you may need to reinstall the tile backing and substrate.

Broken Pipes and Valves

Finally, like most leak cases, the reason can be a broken valve or pipe. Check the pipes and water valve behind the walls to see if there is a leak. If there is, that can be what seeps through the walls and trickles down to your basement.

Shower leaks can be tricky problems. If you do not know the proper way to diagnose and address the issue, extensive damage might occur. Furthermore, it is a problem that should be immediately solved. If you do not fix the issue, you have to make more repairs that you could have initially avoided. If you believe water from your shower is leaking into your basement, contact Summer Plumbing Heating + Cooling. Our experienced Indiana and Ohio plumbers have worked with many similar cases. Learn how we can help your home and offer you a peace of mind.

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