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Clogged Drains

Get Help from Summers for Clogged Drains in Noblesville, IN

If you live in Noblesville and are dealing with a clogged drain, it is time to take action. Unfortunately, this is something that is going to be impossible to ignore. When something goes wrong, it is important to contact a plumber right away. Otherwise, everyday life is going to be miserable. Understand more about what to look for so that the problem can be resolved quickly.

Understand the Signs

When you are taking a shower and the tub fills with water, there is a clog somewhere farther down the drain. If the sink drains slowly or does not drain at all, this is another sign of a clog. If there is water bubbling in the toilet or another drain that is not working, it’s time to contact a plumber. Something else to think about is the smell of sewage coming from the drain. This is going to be a serious setback. Never ignore a clogged drain because it is going to turn into a problem where it is impossible to flush the toilet or even take a shower. Even though it can discourage thinking about whom to call, it is important to contact a plumber right away.

Learn More about Clogged Drains

Before you can understand how a clog forms, it is important to understand how a drain works. The drain pipe will connect to the wastewater pipes throughout the home. These pipes work continuously to drain wastewater away from the home. Underneath this drain, there is going to be a U-shaped trap. This keeps debris and odors from entering the home. Unfortunately, a clog can occur anywhere in the home. When you understand more about how a clog occurs, you will understand the importance of getting things going once again.

How Does a Drain Clog?

Hopefully, you know not to let things go into the drain, such as paper, garbage, food, or even grease. Unfortunately, things happen and sometimes something will slip down into the drain and will be difficult to remove. When this happens, you may have no other choice except to contact a plumber. Never, under any circumstances, pour grease down the drain. Some people will say that it’s okay as long as they continue to flush the drain with hot water. Unfortunately, this is never the case, and you are going to have to contact a plumber. Always place grease in the trash after it has hardened.

Homeowners Can Fix Some Drain Problems

The average person can often use a plunger to dislodge a problem in the pipe. It is also important to use a drain stopper to strain dishwater. Drain cleaning products will work occasionally, but they don’t always do the job. It is also important to know that these products can cause damage to the drains, and they can be extremely toxic for children and animals. If this has been an ongoing problem, it may be time to contact a plumber.

Know When to Hire a Professional

If the plunger is not working and the clog is continuing to come back, it may be time to contact a professional. If there is a strange smell coming into the home, this is another sign of the need to hire a plumber. Don’t get discouraged if things are not going as planned. Instead, realize that these things happen and there is no shame in giving up and contacting a plumber. The most important thing is to make sure that you handle the problem.

Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling in Noblesville, Indiana, has been helping homeowners for the last 50 years. They have a solid reputation for helping homeowners to take care of plumbing problems. Get a free estimate with no pressure to hire them to complete the task. There is a one-year warranty on any labor, and we will also help with payment plans when necessary.

Anytime there is a plumbing emergency, it is crucial to contact a plumber. You need someone available at any hour. Never ignore plumbing problems. Unfortunately, they will not go away on their own. Problems are going to get worse and you will have no other option except to contact a plumber. This is something that should have happened from the beginning. You may save a lot of money just by taking action right away. Schedule an appointment with a plumber today and get a free quote regarding any type of plumbing problem. Being a homeowner can be very rewarding, but also includes a lot of responsibilities. Find a plumber you can trust.

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