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Minisplit Installation

Mini Split Installation in Noblesville, IN

When summer finally arrives in Noblesville, homeowners want to be able to rely on their air conditioner to provide them with cold air to keep their home cool and comfortable during the season. For anyone thinking of installing a new air conditioner in their home or repairing an old or inefficient one, it may be time to consider a ductless mini-split device.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has all of the experience and training to complete any mini split installation in Noblesville and the surrounding area. We have been assisting our customers in keeping their homes cool for more than fifty years, and we still prioritize our customers’ needs above all else. We are here to assist our clients with their indoor air quality issues.

Expert Mini Split Installation Services

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling’s expert HVAC technicians have all been thoroughly vetted and are qualified, accredited, and insured to work on any type of heating and cooling equipment. Our technicians have a lot of experience working in Noblesville, so our customers can be assured that once they start working on their HVAC system, they will not stop until it is completely fixed.

What Is a Mini-Split System?

The warm air in a home is blown through a coil filled with chilled refrigerant in central air conditioning systems. The heat from the air is absorbed by the refrigerant, which heats the coil and produces cool air that is blown into the house. The hot refrigerant travels outside, where the ambient air absorbs the heat from the refrigerant before returning to the home to cool.

In a ductless mini-split device, the mechanism is essentially the same except the cool air is circulated differently. In a conventional air conditioning system, cool air is blown through the ductwork of the house. The airflow is then regulated using the vents at each duct’s end. Although this allows for some control over the temperature in a particular room, the temperature can only be increased or decreased by using the thermostat.

Air ducts are not needed in a mini-split system. Instead, each room is cooled by its wall unit, which has its cooling coil. This helps to adjust the temperature in each room with a single button press without affecting the temperature in other rooms.

How Mini Split Installation Works

When choosing Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to handle their mini split installation, our customers can rest assured that the process will be fast and painless. Mini-splits do not need air ducts, so homeowners can avoid the costly and inconvenient process of ductwork installation. To run refrigerant tubes for mini splits, only small holes must be drilled.

The HVAC technician will mount wall units in each room that needs to be cooled by the mini-split system inside the house. The outdoor condenser, which provides power to the wall units while also releasing the heat from the coolant, is then connected to those wall units. The mini-split system will be ready to cool any home once those connections are made.

Choosing a ductless mini-split system over a central air conditioning system has a range of possible benefits, including:

More Efficiencies 

Mini-split systems need to run less frequently because they only cool specific areas. They often lose less ventilation when the air is distributed because they do not use ducts. Overall, homeowners can save a lot of money on their monthly energy bills.

Easy Installation

It is surprisingly simple to install a mini-split device in a house. The HVAC technician would usually only need to drill small holes in the walls and connect the relatively light device to the wall when it comes to wall units.

Mini-split systems are suitable for homes both with and without ductwork. A new mini-split system simply does not attach to the existing ductwork, even though it is replacing an older central AC system.

Individualized Cooling Zones

Since each wall unit acts as a mini-split air conditioner, they can be controlled independently, allowing families to set various temperatures in different rooms or even turn off several wall units when they are not needed to cool one. This is not only more effective, but it also gives individuals complete control over how they cool their home.

Mini Split Installation Near Me

Our technicians at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling are happy to assist you with your Noblesville mini split installation. Contact our experts today if you would like to learn more about how a mini-split system will benefit your home. We are here to make sure our customers are satisfied!

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