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Sewage Pump Installation

Sewage Pump Installation Services in Columbus, IN

Home sewage pumps allow residents to go about their days more comfortably and easily. But, if a sewage pump develops problems, it can make the home an unpleasant place. Plumbers recommend replacing sewage pumps every seven to ten years, and there are typically warning signs that indicate a pump is reaching the end of its life. However, it may be difficult for homeowners to recognize these indicators, so they should arrange an expert inspection. A professional will locate the source of any issues and make sure there are no major complications in the future or let customers know whether replacement is the best option.

The Smell of Sewage in the Basement

When a home’s basement smells like sewage, there’s a good chance the sewage pump is malfunctioning. A pump that cannot empty the sewage pit when it turns on can leave waste that results in foul odors. A cracked pipe could also cause the issue, but if a homeowner does not notice any damaged pipes, they are probably dealing with a bad sewage pump.

The Pump Runs Continuously

A sewage pump is designed to switch on whenever material needs to run through the pipes. It should turn off when no material is present. When a pump constantly runs, whether there is material or not, it is time to call a plumber because the problem indicates the pump’s sensor is failing.

The issue won’t have an immediate impact on daily life because a running pump is doing its job and removing waste. However, pumps are not built to run all the time, and if they continue to work constantly, they can quickly wear out. When professionals catch the problem early, they can often make a fairly minor repair, but ignoring the issue could require replacing the pump, which is much more expensive.

The Alarm is Activated

An activated alarm is generally linked to a pump that constantly cycles. The alarm is designed to warn owners of two problems. It either signals that constant cycling is causing the pump to overheat or indicates an issue with the switch.

Homeowners should not use the sound of the alarm to decide whether to schedule a professional inspection. For one thing, pumps don’t sound alarms for every problem. Also, plumbers who are not sewage pump experts sometimes forget the alarm connection during installation. Homeowners need to contact professionals any time they think there is a problem with their pump whether or not an alarm sounds.

Fluid Does Not Eject Properly

Whenever the pump is clearly running, but the pit is not being emptied, there is a problem. The pump might be clogged or unable to draw the power needed to function correctly.

Regardless of the cause, homeowners must call a plumber immediately. They should also minimize water use, including the number of times they flush toilets. Failing to alter water use could result in a basement sewage spill. If a homeowner recognizes any of these problems, they should call sewage pump installation professionals asap.

Experienced plumbers can repair many sewage pump issues, but there are times when a replacement makes more sense. New sewage pumps typically cost a few hundred dollars, but they are necessary investments. The rule of thumb is that when constant pump repairs begin to get expensive, it’s logical to buy a new one. That is especially sensible if the pump is seven to ten years old.

Columbus Sewage Pump Installation

Sewage pumps must be installed correctly. A poor job can result in expensive problems leading to health and safety issues, not to mention an unpleasant environment. While some homeowners attempt to deal with sewage pumps by getting information from YouTube or relying on guesswork, it makes more sense to schedule a professional inspection with an expert. Technicians ensure that sewage systems function as intended, which brings peace of mind.

The Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling team handles the tough stuff for homeowners. They have the training and tools to ensure sewage pumps keep bacteria and other contaminants away from homes. We also provide 24-hour emergency help. Homeowners can call at any hour of the day or night and reach a plumbing expert who can resolve problems and ensure homes are protected.

Schedule a service call with us today and find out how to help get your home up and running at a budget-friendly price.


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