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AC tune Up Services in Columbus, IN

Summer is just around the corner. Soon, temperatures in Columbus, IN, will begin to rise and homes will become sweltering. Fortunately, the home’s AC can help keep the house at a comfortable temperature throughout these hot months. Unfortunately, many homes will turn on their AC to find that it isn’t working as well as they hoped.

To prevent this problem, an AC tune-up in Columbus, IN, is in order. Now, before the temperatures get too hot, is the best time to have a technician provide the necessary maintenance and service to your home’s cooling system. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers professional technicians to provide a complete tune-up for any AC system.

What is an AC Tune-Up?

It is strongly recommended to have the home’s cooling system serviced every year before regular use is needed. These provide the system with the maintenance it needs to run properly all summer long. It also allows a technician the ability to identify problems or potential problems so that repairs can be made before the system is needed.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can help homeowners with this task. One simple call can have a skilled technician sent to the home at a time that is convenient for you. Once there, our technicians will run through a checklist of various tasks to ensure the system is ready for the summer. This checklist includes:

  • Inspection of the ductwork for gaps and holes
  • Inspection and cleaning of the condenser coils outside
  • Cleaning the parts of the indoor unit and replacing the filter
  • Inspect and calibrate the thermostat
  • Inspect and tighten all mechanical and electrical connections
  • Inspect the blower motor and belt
  • Provide lubrication for any moving parts in the AC

This tune-up will make sure the entire system is working properly to ensure a cool and comfortable summer. If during this process any problems are found, our technician will provide homeowners with a complete list of the problem, solutions for that problem, and a price estimate for that solution.

Once the homeowner approves of the repairs or solution options, our technician will get to work ensuring that the system is ready for the summer.

What are the Benefits of an AC Tune-Up?

An AC tune-up can provide homeowners with a plethora of benefits. The main benefit is ensuring that the system is ready to go on the first day the temperatures rise. Although that is the most important benefit, many other things can help homeowners throughout the summer and many summers in the future. These benefits include:

Even Comfort Throughout the Home 

Many homeowners face issues with certain areas of their homes being hotter than others during the summer. This can be caused by issues with the AC system but are often due to gaps or holes in the ductwork of the home. During the tune-up, our technicians inspect the home’s ductwork for such issues.

If problems are found, arrangements can be made to seal the ducts in the home. This can ensure that the cool air is directed evenly throughout the home. It can also help reduce the strain on the AC that can occur when the system works overtime to try to cool the entire home.

Lower Energy Costs

When there is a problem with the cooling system in the home, it may need to work harder to cool the house when temperatures rise. This can increase the energy used to run the system. When the system is properly maintained with an AC tune-up, many of these things can be managed.

Just cleaning the system and replacing the air filter can allow the system to properly cool the refrigerant and blow the cool air freely throughout the home. Lubricating the moving parts allows them to work more smoothly to provide cool air. Sealing the ductwork can also reduce the amount of cool air lost on its way throughout the home.

These tasks make the system more efficient and better able to cool the home with ease. This reduces the run time of the unit, as well as the amount of energy needed to cool the home. Ultimately, it can reduce the costs of energy bills throughout the summer.

Reduce the Need for Repairs

Proper lubrication and cleaning of an AC system help to ensure everything works as it should and with ease. This alone can reduce the chance of a breakdown during the summer. Additionally, during the tune-up, the technician will identify any problems the system may be having and make adjustments then. This reduces the potential for a breakdown later and can save money on repair costs.

Benefits for the Environment

A more efficient AC system uses less energy throughout the summer months. Using less energy helps to reduce the household’s carbon footprint. The less of a carbon footprint we all leave behind, the better and cleaner the environment will be.

AC Tune-Up Near Me 

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can provide homeowners with a professional AC tune-up in Columbus, IN. Our team provides stellar customer service and knowledgeable technicians to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today to get your system ready for the summer.


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