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Mini-Split Installation Services in Columbus, IN

Residents enjoy temperate weather all year long. With this in mind, it can be wasteful to use a home’s HVAC system all the time. That’s especially true for families that spend most of their time in one or two rooms. A mini-split air conditioning system is a viable alternative in these homes. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we know all about the installation of these budget-friendly, easy-to-use units.

For over 50 years, our technicians have given Columbus homeowners the friendly, affordable HVAC services they need. During those years, we’ve built a local reputation and significant knowledge. With our experience, we can help you choose the right cooling system for your home.

Traditional vs. Mini-Split Systems

Most Columbus homes are cooled by central or traditional HVAC systems, which use ductwork to route air into rooms. In most cases, these are called split systems, because part of the system is outside, and part is inside the home.

Mini-split systems are designed in much the same way with one major difference: they regulate the temperature in one room. Like their traditional counterparts, they have internal and external components. Because they’re connected directly to the rooms they cool, they need no ductwork.

A mini-split system is less expensive than a central AC unit, which makes it a great choice for small homes and those with no ductwork. However, installing a mini-split in each room may not cool the entire home efficiently. That’s why Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling typically recommends them for use in select areas.

The Benefits of Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split air conditioning systems offer flexible cooling, and they make a fantastic addition to many Columbus homes. The benefits of these systems include the following.

Easy Installation

Our team at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can install a mini-split system quickly and with little interruption to a customer’s routine. Because the outdoor and indoor units are on opposing sides of a wall, they’re easily connected. In most cases, installation can be done in one day.

Small Size and Adaptability

Mini-split air conditioning units offer numerous options as far as temperature regulation is concerned. Additionally, they are compact and highly configurable. That means they will work well for many area properties.

Our experts at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offer several styles and models. For instance, we often install single outdoor units that are paired with indoor air handlers for one-room cooling. We also install large outdoor condensers/compressors that can accommodate multiple air handlers in multiple rooms.

Each air handler has a thermostat, which allows family members to regulate the temperature in their own spaces. This level of flexibility eliminates debates over indoor temperature and allows all household members to have things just the way they want them.

Energy Efficiency

Mini-split air conditioning systems are very energy efficient simply because they don’t use centralized ductwork. Most of the energy that’s lost during the use of a traditional HVAC system is wasted because of inefficiencies and flaws within the ducts themselves.

As previously mentioned, a mini-split system allows users to cool just part of their homes, which cuts energy consumption. Our mini-duct AC systems are excellent investments that pay long-term dividends.


Mini-split air conditioning systems are very cost-effective compared to central AC units. If you’ve chosen a home with no ductwork, or you’d rather cool rooms individually, mini-duct systems are a great choice. You may save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year by installing a mini-split system in your Columbus home.

Mini-Split AC Installation Near You

When you choose to install a mini-split air conditioning system, there are several options to consider. Our team at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can install these systems in almost any configuration, providing Columbus families with the optimal cooling they need.

Our technicians offer free, no-obligation quotes, and we will explain the process of selecting the right mini-split system for your home. We work with local lenders to help our customers find great financing options. Click here to request more information or call today to schedule a consultation.

Mini-split air conditioning systems are a versatile, adaptable way to cool one or more rooms. Whether you want to enjoy colder air than your housemates, or you simply want to save money by not cooling unused parts of the home, these systems can help you achieve those goals. Call us today to learn about mini-split AC installation. Please call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for an appointment today! 


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