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Five Tips for Increasing Air Conditioner Longevity

Want to avoid the large expense of replacing your air conditioning system? Read our Indiana HVAC services blog for five tips on how to increase the life of your unit.

You rely on your air conditioner heavily during the hottest seasons of the year, so there is perhaps no worse time to have it fail. Replacing your system can be an immense cost, and many homeowners want to avoid this financial burden as much as possible. One of the best ways is to simply prolong the life of your system and make it last for as many years as possible before replacing it. How can you do this? Give your system a little extra attention and care and you should notice a significant increase in its lifespan. Here are five tips for extending the life of your air conditioner.

Replace Your Filter

Your air conditioner has an air filter that prevents dust, dirt, and allergens from entering your home. As with any other type of air filter, over time it fills up with pollutants and doesn’t work as well. A dirty filter can reduce the effectiveness of your system, forcing it to run longer and more frequently, which dramatically reduces its lifespan. Be sure to check and replace your filter every year.

Clean Your Coils

Over the months and years of service, your evaporator and condenser coils will collect dirt and dust, which insulate the coil and reduce its effectiveness. A dirty coil has dramatically reduced airflow and has its ability to absorb heat reduced substantially. Cleaning your coil annually (especially if it is located near dirt or foliage) can help it last much longer and run more efficiently.

Straighten Your Coil Fins

Bent fins on your condenser and evaporator coils reduce their ability to transfer heat and cool your home. Not only do bent fins trap heat and make your coils less efficient, but they also can block airflow which further exacerbates the heat exchange issue. Fixing this is relatively simple: purchase a fin comb from an air conditioning wholesaler and it should straighten them back out easily.

Seal Your Windows

The cracks around your windows and doors are the leading causes of air leaks in your home. Air leaks allow unwanted hot air from outside in and the air your system worked to cool out. Leaky doors and windows make your system have to work much harder to keep up, which decreases its longevity and increases your utility bills. Check your insulation and weather stripping annually, and replace any worn or cracked seals.

Get Regular Maintenance Service

While some forms of air conditioning maintenance is simple, it’s strongly advised that you have your system checked and maintained by a professional who can help you diagnose any issues that may become serious. An annual maintenance service performed at the start of peak use season can ensure your system runs at its maximum efficiency, which lets you save energy and extends the life of your system for as long as possible.

Since 1969, Summers™ Plumbing Heating & Cooling have provided high quality heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair services to thousands of customers. Our Indiana HVAC services team knows how important keeping your air conditioner working optimally is to maintaining your home’s comfort level, and we work quickly to resolve your issues with exceptional quality workmanship and competitive prices. Whether you need a maintenance service or have an emergency, you can trust your issue to our highly-trained and fully-licensed team of technicians.

To request a maintenance service for your home’s air conditioning system, call Summers™ Plumbing Heating & Cooling today at 317-399-5665.

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