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Summers of Broad Ripple Staff Serve at the Wheeler Mission

Some of our staff members from Summers of Broad Ripple served at the Wheeler Mission.


Summers of broad ripple staff serve at the wheelSome of our Summers Broad Ripple staff served at the Wheeler Mission. While some of us had served before, this was the first time for a few of us. Check out what a few of our staff members had to say about the event:

Gary Dunagan – “As a first timer, I loved it. Giving back to the community is so rewarding. We all know people who have been down on their luck; and I’m so glad to be a small part in giving them a hand up.”

Nicole McCallister – “I love our partnership with the Wheeler Mission. Helping with the water drive, food drive and then getting to come down and serve really brings home the importance of helping others.”

Steve Denning – “It is great to work for a company that doesn’t just talk the talk; but walks the walk when it comes to giving back to our community. It is apparent that everyone in our company cares not only about each other, but about helping our community. It gives us all a sense of pride.”


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