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Main Threats to Your Water Line

Your water line is extremely important. Protect it from common threats. Learn what they are by reading our blog. For help, contact our Fort Wayne plumbers.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency suggests that an average family of four uses an average of 400 gallons every day. We use water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. One of the main avenues of obtaining our water comes from our water line. The water line is crucial to both homes and commercial residence. You want to make sure you protect it from external and internal threats.

Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or are looking to buy a new one, be wary of threats to your water pipes. To help you understand the dangers, we list some of the common elements that harm your water lines.

Four Main Threats to Your Water Pipes

Lime Scale
Lime scale build up is one of the leading dangers to your water line. If you live in an area with hard water, the high content of calcium and magnesium can accumulate on your pipes creating lime scale. Over time, this can block water flow and limit the how much you get. Make sure to take care of lime scale before it hardens permanently.

While trees may be a great source of oxygen and had beauty to your landscape, they can be a nuisance to your water pipe. The tree roots naturally gravitate towards moist soil. If your water line has a leak water or creates condensation that soaks into the surrounding soil, tree roots will grow in the direction of the pipes and sometimes penetrate or break the line.

Chemicals (i.e. chlorine) used to keep municipal water clean may erode the pipes on the main water line. This can weaken certain areas, causing water leaks.

Old Pipes
Just like many things, pipes suffer the passage of time. The National Association of Water Companies report that nearly half the pipes in the United States is in poor condition. Older piper are more susceptible to bursts and leaks. Make sure to check the quality of your pipes.

At Summers of Fort Wayne, we care about your plumbing! If you experience issues with your main water line, contact our experienced plumbers for a free estimate.

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