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Why is My Faucet Water Discolored?

Find out what discolored faucet water can mean for your plumbing. For help with your pipes, call our Indiana plumbers for a free estimate today!

When you go turn on your sink faucet, you expect the water pouring through to be clear. We use clean water to drink, bath, wash dishes, and more. We do not expect to see our water with yellow and green tinges. While a little alarming, you should not panic if you see discoloration in your water. It is a common occurrence in many homes. However, though some discoloration may be harmless, it is important to have your pipes checked to avoid future harm or damage.

What the Different Colors Can Mean

Not every pipeline experiences the same discoloration. Some water faucets emit yellowish water, while others produce blueish liquid. It is important to note the color as this will give you insight into what may be wrong with your pipes.

What the colors may say about your pipes:

  • Black – Water with a black tinge or with black particles indicates that there is a high amount of magnesium mixed with oxygen. That causes the discoloration to happen. They are usually harmless. However, if you want them out, you will need to filter your water.
  • Red / Yellow – If your water comes out with a yellow or reddish tinge, it can mean that your galvanized plumbing may have rust from the inside. This can leave your water vulnerable. You may need to locate the rusted pipe and replace it.
  • Blue / Green – If your water has a greenish / blueish tinge to it, it can mean there is copper in the water, caused by the pipes or plumbing fixtures. If you do note this, have your pipes checked and fixed immediately. Ingesting too much copper can be harmful to the human body.

When you have discoloration in your water, you should locate where it’s coming from. In order to do that, you’ll have to see if it’s an isolated area (is it coming from just one sink?) or if it’s spread through the house. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our experienced Indiana plumbers can help examine your plumbing and fix your problem. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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