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Get That Plumbing or Heating Tune-Up Before the Holidays

Get your plumbing and heating checked before the holidays arrive, so that you enjoy a comfortable winter. For help, contact our plumbers at Summers.

There are many things people do to prepare for the holidays. If you’re like us, you probably have your ugly Christmas sweater ready to go. You may also spend time lighting menorahs, trimming trees, and setting up all the gingerbread cookies you are going to be decorating. However, just as important as the decorations is checking out your plumbing and heating before the holidays are here. There is nothing worse than having guests over for dinner and having one of your pipes burst. That is why we have listed a few things you should look at before the carols start in full swing.

Water Heater

One of the major things people forget to check before winter is their water heater. This should be the first thing you look at because of how often you will need it during the holidays. If you have guests staying over, they will probably expect hot water when they shower and wash. That is why it is important you check your water heater before they come over. (No one likes giving that nitpicky family member a reason to complain!)

Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is another thing that you should look at before the holidays. The kitchen is one of the central areas in which family likes congregating. As such, there are numerous times when one family member or friend will be stuffing food down the disposal. That is why it is important that it works properly and is not clogged. Check to make sure your pipes and valves are secure to prevent any future leaks or breaks. One tip to make sure your disposal works properly is to use cold water during and after putting food through. The cold helps the particles and oils stick together rather than against the pipe.


Toilets are the unsung heroes of a household. They are used multiple times a day without a second thought, until one stops working! Before the holidays actually come, make sure to check your toilets are functioning properly. If you notice that one takes time to flush or fill up, you may need to exchange parts or replace the toilet. There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as having to fix a toilet with family and friends over. One trick to keep guests from flushing non-flushable products is to have a waste bin near the toilet.


The furnace or central heating system is one of the most important things to keep your home comfortable during the holidays. Make sure your furnace works properly and that the filters for your heating system have been replaced. A warm, cozy home adds to the ambience of a holiday house.

At Summers Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling, we want you and your guests to have the best holiday yet. That is why we suggest tuning up your home before the festivities are in full swing. If you need help or a plumbing or HVAC tune up, contact our experienced, professional plumbers and technicians. Call today to schedule a free estimate.

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