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The Difference Between Pipe Bursting and Pipe Relining

Find out the difference between pipe bursting and pipe relining and what works best for you. Call our experienced plumbers 24/7.

Pipes are the silent heroes in homes. They work quietly, ensuring that we have fresh water coming into the home and waste getting flushed out. If they work properly, we forget they are there, working efficiently under the home. However, as soon as a pipe breaks, leaks, or is in any other way damaged, it feels like the whole house comes to a standstill. When it comes to pipe repair, the two methods to know are pipe bursting and pipe relining.

What is pipe bursting and how can it help you?

Pipe bursting is a process in which plumbers can repair underground pipes without having to dig trenches. With pipe bursting, the plumbers create two openings: one for inserting and one for receiving the new pipe. Plumbers use a device called an expander head that has the new pipe attached to it. The expander head goes into the existing pipe, breaking the old line while laying down the new one.

The benefits of using the pipe bursting method include:

  • Cost of material is cheaper
  • Pipe bursting works very well for old pipes that have lost their integrity (crushed/become oval-shaped)
  • The new HDPE pipe used is environmentally sound and non-toxic

What is pipe relining and how can it help you?

Pipe relining is another method that uses a trenchless technique to repair current pipes. Rather than breaking through existing pipe, pipe relining works to repair it. Plumbers go in with an epoxy liner and insert it into the current pipe. The liner will then solidify, creating a new pipe within the old pipe. This will clear up the pipe and cause it to work better than before.

The benefits of using the pipe relining method include:

  • This process only needs one opening for insertion.
  • The pipes usually have a life expectancy of 50 years.
  • The epoxy resin is markedly stronger than concrete.

Whether you decide you want to try pipe bursting or relining, contact our experienced plumbers at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We can review your pipes and discuss the best option for you. Call us any time, day or night and take the first step to more efficient pipes!

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