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AC Tune Up in Indianapolis, IN

AC Tune Up in Indianapolis

The Crossroads of America is known for its excellent year-round weather, which includes mild summers. We still experience temperatures warm enough to work up a sweat and have an annual AC tune up in Indianapolis, IN, or the surrounding area. You must ensure that your home’s AC is working at its best before temperatures reach their annual peak.

Fortunately, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can help. Our professionals have over fifty years of experience and provide exceptional residential AC services. One of the best ways that we can prepare your Indianapolis home for summer is with our AC tune up. This convenient and affordable service will get your system working at its best and prevent a costly failure.

What is an AC Tune Up?

An AC Tune up in Indianapolis, IN, is an all-in-one maintenance visit. During your tune up, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling will:

  • Replace your air filter
  • Perform a function check on your thermostat
  • Inspect your internal unit
  • Check ductwork for leaks/damage
  • Inspect and empty your drain pan
  • Inspect and clean your drain pipe
  • Check coils for damage
  • Clear any debris from the external unit
  • Inspect and straighten fins
  • Inspect your fan for cracks
  • Check all wires and electrical components
  • Check refrigerant levels (add fluid if needed)

As you can see, an AC tune up is a comprehensive service. This service allows our professionals to detect any damage or concerns with your AC system early and take corrective action. We even offer ongoing maintenance plans that can keep your system working great year after year!

How Often Should I Receive a Tune Up?

Generally, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling recommends that you schedule a tune up every year. The best time to book your maintenance appointment is in early to mid-spring. Your system likely went unused for much of the frigid winter months but is ramping back up as temperatures begin to increase.

Waiting until the peak summer months can place added strain on your AC system and result in a failure. Allowing our team to service your AC before it is working its hardest is the best way to prevent issues and keep your family comfortable.

Our flexible appointment options allow you to book your AC tune up around your busy schedule. We even provide 24/7 emergency services in case you experience an AC failure. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is here for all your residential cooling needs.

Benefits of a Tune Up

An AC that has damaged parts or is being obstructed by debris will not function as designed. Even if it has not quit working altogether, you can experience various problems. An AC tune up can improve your system’s efficiency and overall function. This can lead to many benefits such as:

  • Reduced cooling costs
  • Reduced chances of a failure
  • Cooler, more comfortable home
  • Lower utility bill
  • Less frequent need for repairs
  • Better air quality

Your home’s AC is one of the largest and most energy-demanding appliances that you own. When working properly, it will cycle on and off as designed to reduce energy consumption. An AC that is experiencing mechanical issues may run continuously and spike your bill.

AC tune ups allow our professionals to identify problems with your system early. A relatively simple problem, such as a loose wire or bad switch can prevent your AC from operating as designed. Ignoring regular maintenance can turn a quick fix into a major system failure. AC maintenance services are a great investment that will pay dividends in terms of savings and quality of life.

An often overlooked aspect of your AC is its effect on your home’s air quality. During our tune up service, we will replace your air filter and check your ducts. Our team can even upgrade you to a HEPA filter, which stops even more dust and contaminants from entering your system.

If our team discovers excessive dirt and dust in your ventilation system, we can schedule a duct cleaning to improve your indoor air quality. Our professionals will remove any harmful contaminants from your ducts, helping your family to breathe easier this summer.

AC Tune Up Near Me

Do not wait until your AC fails to contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. While we are happy to help with any AC need, we always want to help you save money and stay comfortable in your home.

Putting off routine maintenance can cost you thousands in repairs. In worst-case scenarios, it can even ruin your AC system and require a total replacement.

When you need a quality AC tune up in Indianapolis, IN, we’re the team for the job. We will match or beat our competitor’s pricing on any job, so you know you are getting the best value on any service. 

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