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Well Repair

Well Repair in Franklin

When homeowners install a well on their property, they will reap a variety of benefits. Those benefits include not having to rely on a municipal source, which can save households money in the long run. A well is environmentally friendly and can increase the value of a home and the land around it. A well also has numerous potential health benefits and produces delicious water.

However, there may come a time when the well begins to fail. One reason for a well’s failure is because of all of the well’s functions that occur underneath the earth’s surface. It may be challenging for homeowners to determine what repairs are necessary. Having an expert plumbing technician inspect the well and provide an accurate diagnosis not only ensures the problem is rectified correctly but repairing the well as soon as possible can assist in extending its lifespan.

Signs the Well Requires Repair Services

A specialist will need to conduct a thorough assessment to repair any difficulties that have emerged. However, a well will begin to exhibit warning signals that something is not right. The following warning signals will assist homeowners in determining what is wrong and what repairs may be required:

Low Water Pressure

If there is little to no water pressure, one of two things could be going on:

  • The first sign of insufficient water pressure is the circuit breaker has tripped. Before calling a professional, homeowners should check the circuit breaker box and turn the breaker back on if it is in the off position.
  • The well could be attempting to reach for water that does not exist. This is most noticeable in the spring and summer months when homeowners use more water. More water use causes the water table to drop. Homeowners must try to reduce their water consumption and contact a professional to lower the well’s pump deeper into the water.

The Well Is Pumping Air

If the water is “sputtering,” it could be due to a crack in the well’s pipework or the pump itself. Professionals can assist in pulling the well, inspecting all of the pieces, and repairing the break.

Increase in the Home’s Electrical Bill

Is there a noticeable rise in the household’s electricity bill? An increase in the home’s electricity costs could indicate that the well’s water pump is clogged with debris. A clogged water pump forces the well to require more energy to pump water to the house, raising the utility bill.

Dirty Water

Dirty water indicates a faulty pump that is flooding the well with debris or sand. A lowering water table may also be the cause of contaminated water. A low water table forces the pump to draw water from an overly shallow pool, bringing dirt or other particles with it. Sediment that has made its way into the pump can cause significant harm to the pump and shorten the well’s overall lifespan. The pump must be repaired as soon as possible to ensure the water remains drinkable.

Continuous Cycling of the Pump

Homeowners who have noticed their well’s pump cycling on and off at irregular intervals may have a leak in the well’s pipes, or their well’s check valve is deteriorating. Consult a specialist to identify the best course of action.

Wrong Size of Pump for the Home

If the well’s pump is too small for the home, homeowners may use up all of the pumped water before the well has a chance to pump more. A small pump could cause significant problems for households with large families who want to take multiple showers at the same time or whose households require appliances to run simultaneously. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling recommends that homeowners who are unsure whether their pump is too small for their home contact one of the company’s reputable plumbers. Their experts will assist families in determining the optimal pump size for their home’s daily demands.

Franklin Professional Well Repair Services

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