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Furnace Tune Up

Furnace Tune-Up In Franklin, Indiana

Homeowners follow the maintenance instructions presented in their warranties when maintaining their furnaces. By maintaining the furnace appropriately, the homeowner gets many years of use without major issues. The projected longevity for a furnace is around 15 years, and the property owner must follow all these instructions to get full use-value from their installations.

HVAC professionals present a variety of maintenance tasks for the property owner. They will complete these services before it is time to start the furnace and find issues ahead of time. By addressing HVAC problems before they need their furnace, the property owner avoids service disruptions and keeps their home warm all throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Proper maintenance services prevent breakdowns and decrease component failures. Homeowners can also avoid issues that could present health hazards and house fires. HVAC maintenance services include property maintenance for all furnace models and eliminates problems for the owner.

Testing for Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are a common issue that happens with furnaces, and the homeowner needs a complete inspection of their furnaces each year. The HVAC professionals test the furnace for gas leaks and repair them immediately. If the issue is with the gas lines, they will have to shut off the gas and report the leak to the utility company. Gas leaks could present the risk of fatalities due to inhalation, house fires, and explosions.

Testing the Carbon Monoxide Detector

The carbon monoxide detectors must be tested frequently to ensure that they are working properly. HVAC professionals recommend installing the detectors nearby the furnace to alert the homeowner if the gas is present in the air.

The detectors do not take up a lot of room and could save the homeowner’s life. By testing the detectors and ensuring that the batteries work, the property owner protects themselves and their family against exposure to carbon monoxide.

Replacing Air Filters

Air filters must be the correct size for the unit to ensure that it captures all dust and debris flowing through the furnace. The property owner must replace the air filters at least once a month to manage all the debris and prevent it from building up inside the unit.

If the property owner has pets, they should change out the air filters more often to manage dandruff and pet hair. If the air filters continue to get clogged too quickly, the property owner may want to install an air cleaner in their home to decrease dust in the air and control pet hair more effectively.

Lubricating All Moving Components

The HVAC technician will inspect the moving components for the unit and determine if they are lubricated properly. If the components are not lubricated correctly, they will grind together and become damaged quickly. The homeowner will also face high repair costs to replace the damaged components. The HVAC professionals will also assess the components and tell the homeowner if any of the components are faulty. Over time, they will have to replace some of the components to maintain the furnace.

Seasonal Cleaning Services

Seasonal cleaning services eliminate all debris inside the furnace each year. The property owner should schedule the cleaning services before the fall temperatures become too cool. The HVAC professionals open up the interior and exterior units and clean them completely.

They will remove all the dust and debris from inside the casing, and they will ensure that all components are cleaned completely Spray-on cleaners are used to remove any built-up debris. The units will work better if they are cleaned before using them, and the homeowner won’t have to worry about foul odors coming from their furnace when they start it up.

Where to Get Furnace Services

Homeowners need a furnace tune-up before the start of the season. It is the best way to discover existing problems before they become a major obstacle. The furnace must operate properly to keep the home at a comfortable temperature throughout the late fall and winter.

Furnaces can keep the home warmer and prevent service disruptions if they aren’t working properly. The homeowner can schedule the services toward the end of the fall to maintain their furnace properly.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling presents property owners with exceptional services for all their HVAC services. They offer repairs, inspections, maintenance, and new installations as needed. The service provider guarantees all their services and provides warranties for all new furnaces and cooling systems they install. Property owners can contact the service provider to learn more about furnace tune-up in Franklin, IN right now.


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