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Furnace Tune-up and Maintenance

Furnace Tune-Up Services in Dayton, OH

Furnaces don’t get much attention during the warmer months of the year in Dayton, IN. Instead, they sit idly by, out of sight and out of mind, while the air conditioner does its part to keep its owners cool, dry, and comfortable. You’d think that after resting for a few months a furnace would be ready to step in when cold weather returns. Quite the opposite is true. After running full speed through late autumn, the entire winter, and early spring, going unused for the rest of the year takes a major toll on your home’s furnace.

Those prolonged intervals of constant use and not being operated at all can detract from your furnace’s performance. It won’t heat as well as it once did, and you may even begin to notice cold spots in your home. Efficiency suffers as well. Your furnace will use more energy while it’s running, making your utility bills soar ever higher. It’s possible to combat the wear and tear, though, and prevent the loss of efficiency with regular furnace inspections and tune-ups.

Your Dayton Furnace Tune-Up Specialists

Here at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we’re your local furnace tune-up experts. Our team of highly trained and qualified HVAC technicians provides the area’s most thorough furnace inspections and offers all the maintenance services you need to keep your furnace in optimal shape all year long. We’re dedicated to making sure our Dayton, IN, residents are warm and comfortable no matter how miserable the weather gets, and our inspection and tune-up services are designed to do just that. Contact us today to schedule an appointment so you won’t be caught off guard when winter comes back around.

How Often Do I Need Furnace Inspections and Maintenance?

It’s best to have your furnace inspected and maintained at least once each year. The best time to do this is in late summer or early autumn before the first cold snap creeps in. That way, our knowledgeable technicians can make sure everything is in working order and perform any necessary maintenance before you need to use your heating system. Waiting until cold weather returns isn’t advised because that’s when you need the furnace most.

What Does a Furnace Inspection and Tune-up Include?

When our technicians come to your home for routine furnace maintenance, we begin by checking the heating system for signs of wear and damage. We’ll look over the indoor and outdoor units as well as the ductwork. Though the ductwork is often overlooked, and it’s a common cause of reduced efficiency and effectiveness due to leaks and built-up debris. From there, we’ll cover a range of tasks that will help keep your furnace working at its best, including:

  • Cleaning and Lubricating Internal Components
  • Adjusting the Fan Belt and Gas Pressure
  • Checking Electrical Connections and Fuel Lines
  • Cleaning the Igniter and Checking the Pilot Light
  • Checking and Clearing the Condensate Drain
  • Making Sure There Are No Fuel Leaks or Exhaust Problems
  • Calibrating the Thermostat

Those are a few of the main elements we cover during our furnace tune-ups. Not all heating systems have the same requirements, so we’ll adjust our services based on the type of furnace you have and its specific needs. If we find any problems during our inspection and maintenance efforts, we’ll discuss them with you. Together, we can determine the best repair options to meet your needs and budget.

Become a Summers PHC MVP

We’re proud to offer our clients the Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling Maintenance Agreement. When you become a member of our maintenance plan, you become one of our MVPs. You’ll receive priority scheduling and services, exemption from overtime service charges, around-the-clock service, and many other benefits. Our maintenance agreement covers all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs.

Let Summers Help You Keep The Cold Outside Where It Belongs

Regular furnace inspections and tune-ups help keep your heating system working effectively and efficiently. They’ll go a long way toward keeping your home warm all through the colder months. They’ll also aid in keeping unexpected malfunctions at a minimum and keep your winter utility bills from breaking the bank. Routine maintenance helps to reduce the cost of furnace repairs and can make your heating system last longer as well.

Many homeowners overlook the value of having routine maintenance performed on their HVAC systems. In the long run, they end up having to pay more for repairs, replacements, and heating costs. Their furnaces also tend to let them down at the worst times. Contact us to schedule a furnace inspection and tune-up, and let us help make sure the cold doesn’t invade your home this winter.


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