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Water Softeners

Water Softeners Services in La Porte, IN

Like many towns in Indiana and across the country, La Porte has hard water. Hard water is characterized by the presence of excess minerals. Mineral-heavy water may sound like no big deal, but it can cause major damage to the home’s plumbing pipes and fixtures. The residue builds up in the pipes, which can leave homeowners dealing with thousands of dollars worth of repairs. The good news is, there’s a simple solution to addressing this problem: installing a water softener system.

The Benefits of Water Softeners

Given how common hard water is in La Porte, it should come as no surprise that many homeowners are looking for solutions. Installing a whole-home water softener is by far the best of them. It costs less over time than buying bottled water, and it impacts more than just the taste of the water coming out of the tap. The additional benefits of installing a water softening system include:

Cleaner Dishes

The calcium and magnesium found in hard water make it harder for soap to dissolve fully, leaving residue behind no dishes even when they’re clean. People often refer to this soap residue as water spots and purchase expensive products that claim to get rid of them. However, the best way to eliminate water spots will always be to install a whole-home water softening system.

Softer Clothes

Hard water doesn’t just flow through the home’s taps. It also goes to every water-using appliance, including washing machines. Clothes washed in hard water are harder to get clean and they often come out feeling stiff and uncomfortable. Since whole-home water softeners treat all the water coming into the house, they can remove minerals from the water before they reach the washing machine so residents can get their clothes cleaner and softer with every wash.

Improved Appearance of Hair and Skin

Hard water can dry out residents’ hair and skin every time they take a shower. Installing a water softening system will eliminate this problem. Many La Porte residents report having shinier hair and softer, more supple skin after they install water softeners.

Protect Pipes and Fixtures

Hard water damages not just pipes, but also faucets, drains, and water-using appliances. The minerals build up on the insides of all these plumbing fixtures, reducing their usable lifespans and increasing the need for frequent repairs. A water softener will help to extend their longevity.

Better-Tasting Water

Residents shouldn’t be afraid to drink the water that comes out of their homes’ taps. With a water softener, they won’t have to be. The city takes care of water purification, and the home’s new water softening system will remove minerals to create cleaner, tastier water.

La Porte Water Softener Installation

Whole-home water softeners are designed to be integrated seamlessly into the home’s existing plumbing system. To install the system, the experts at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling will route the home’s main water supply pipe through the water softener to ensure that 100% of the water coming into the home gets treated. 

From there, the water can follow its normal course to faucets and appliances. The complexity of water softener installations varies, so the best way to find out how much it will cost to install a new system is to contact Summers Plumbing to request an estimate. 

La Porte Water Softener Maintenance

The way water softeners work is by removing the minerals from the water and replacing them with trace amounts of salt. To keep these systems operational, the salt reservoir must be replenished periodically. Homeowners don’t need to worry about that, though. They can contact Summers Plumbing to schedule regular maintenance to keep their new water softening systems operating as intended.

When to Service Water Softening Systems in La Porte

Like all household appliances and plumbing fixtures, water softeners can benefit from periodic maintenance. The problem is, maintenance requirements vary by model and installation. Homeowners should check and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure they are providing their water softeners with the professional maintenance required to keep them running as efficiently as possible.

Find a Water Softener Installation Company in La Porte

Homeowners who are ready to eliminate mineral buildup, water stains, dry skin, and the many other issues associated with hard water are in luck. All they have to do is call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to request an estimate and schedule a time for water softener installation in La Porte. These expert plumbers will take care of all the rest, and they’ll only call the job done when the client is 100% satisfied.

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