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Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installation in La Porte, IN

La Porte homeowners know that flooding can be a serious concern. When floodwaters rise, basements, crawl spaces, and even the bottom stories of homes can sustain significant damage if there aren’t any flood mitigation measures in place. Thankfully, sump pumps provide a perfect solution to mitigating flood damage.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has decades of experience installing sump pumps in La Porte. They can also provide maintenance and repairs for existing flood mitigation systems to make sure homeowners are ready for anything Mother Nature might have to throw at them.

It’s never worth entrusting sump pump installations to amateurs. The experts at Summers Plumbing have been performing complex plumbing installations and repairs since 1969, so they’ve seen it all. They also offer unmatched service and a commitment to integrity and pricing transparency.

Homeowners experiencing sump pump problems can trust these licensed plumbers to provide professional results. The team from Summers Plumbing will arrive on time with all the tools and expertise required to get the job done right.

What Are Sump Pumps?

Sump pumps play an essential role in any flood prevention plan. They collect excess water collecting in the basement or crawl space, then pump it out via a system of pipes or drains to make sure it will not damage the home’s foundation.

Sump pumps don’t just come in handy during emergencies. They can also help to prevent moisture damage. The bottom line here is that any home with a basement needs a sump pump, and homeowners need plumbers they can trust to install them correctly.

The Importance of Sump Pump Maintenance

La Porte homeowners will have two types of sump pumps to choose from. They can purchase submersible pumps or pedestal pumps. Submersible pumps sit beneath the water, while pedestal pumps sit above it. The primary advantage of submersible models is that they are quieter. Pedestal pumps are still more popular, though, largely because they are less expensive.

Any La Porte home that has a basement needs a sump pump to keep it dry, and like all appliances, that sump pump will need periodic maintenance. Age clogging, internal damage, and mechanical failures can all cause sump pumps to fail when they are needed most. Thankfully, unexpected breakdowns can usually be avoided by contacting Summers Plumbing for regular sump pump service in La Porte.

Sump Pump Repairs and Replacements

Even with proper maintenance, sump pumps sometimes fail. It’s always best to perform repairs or replace severely damaged equipment before the next big storm hits. Summers Plumbing can handle all kinds of repairs and installations, including:

Removing Clogs

In most basements, more than water enters the sump pit. Dirt and debris also find their way in, and they can cause clogs. Removing clogs is an easy job for a professional plumber, but don’t try it at home.

Repairing Faulty Switches

Modern sump pumps are equipped with switches that turn them on and off automatically. Switch failures can leave the equipment inoperable when it’s needed most, and unfortunately, they often occur during periods of extended inactivity, catching homeowners off-guard. Test the pump periodically and call for repairs if the switch isn’t working.

Resolving Unusual Noises

Pedestal sump pumps, in particular, can produce loud sounds during normal operation. However, unusual noises coming from the sump pump should never be ignored. They may indicate clogs, mechanical issues, or other serious problems. Call Summers Plumbing to request a diagnosis and appropriate repairs any time something sounds amiss.

Repairing Impeller Damage

If the pump is running but the water is still sitting in the sump pit, that’s usually a sign that the impeller is malfunctioning. In most cases, a professional plumber with experience repairing sump pumps can resolve impeller problems without replacing the entire pump. However, homeowners who experience repeated impeller problems may want to upgrade to a newer model. Summers Plumbing can help with that, too.

Addressing Long Run Cycles

Sump pumps are designed to turn on when they’re needed and turn back off after the water has been removed from the pit. If the pump seems to be running almost constantly, homeowners should view that as a sign of trouble. Chances are, the system is undersized to meet the needs of the home. The best solution is to upgrade to a larger sump pump now instead of waiting until a serious flood brings the current unit’s inadequacies into the spotlight.

Where to Get a Sump Pump in La Porte

A home’s flood mitigation strategy will only be effective if all the equipment works properly, especially the sump pump. Homeowners who want to upgrade to larger or more efficient models can trust Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to help them choose and install the perfect sump pumps to meet their needs. Call to request a free quote today.

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