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Sewage Pump Installation

Sewage Pump Installation in Elkhart, Indiana

Local citizens have easy access to industry-leading home services. For many years Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling experts have proudly served the Elkhart community. Our staff of licensed plumbers has consistently provided area residents with high-quality workmanship at affordable prices. The company’s technicians provide a wide range of residential plumbing services, including sewage pump installation. We will provide sewage pumps that can benefit customers who rely on municipal sewage and those with septic tanks.

What Is a Sewage Pump?

A sewage pump is connected to a home’s wastewater lines. It funnels water and solid waste to the home’s septic tank or sewage line. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling experts recommend installing a pump in your home and all buildings with bathrooms.

Most sewage pumps remain submerged. Technicians typically install pumps at the lowest point in a home’s sewage basin to provide maximum benefits. Suppliers offer various types of sewage pumps, but not all are designed to work in homes.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling specialists typically install either a grinder pump or a handling pump for solids. A solids pump is also known as an ejector pump since it is designed to pump raw sewage.

Although a grinder pump has a different design than an ejector pump, it can also handle raw sewage. Grinder pumps include rotating blades that break waste down into small particles, working much like a home garbage disposal. While grinder pumps are the most efficient at preventing clogs, they are also somewhat more expensive.

Our staff of professionals can help when you need information about sewage pump installation. Technicians consult with each homeowner and then recommend a model that fits their requirements and budget. We always strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Benefits of a Sewage Pump

Installing a sewage pump in your home can help keep sewage lines in good working order and provide other important benefits. As previously noted, pumps efficiently break up waste and prevent clogs, but they can also:

  • Enhance sewage drainage efficiency, up to 200 gallons per minute
  • Ensure waste continues to flow steadily
  • Overcome gravity, which is essential for basement bathrooms

Taking steps to minimize sewer line clogs can eliminate the need for expensive service visits and repairs. The cost of installing a pump is a bargain, considering that it will pay for itself by ensuring home plumbing continuously functions at peak capacity.

Sewage pumps are essential for Elkhart homes and especially critical for those that include finished cellars or basements. That is because the sewage lines in these subterranean areas are located above the sink or toilet drains, making them especially prone to clogs. Fortunately, a sewage pump can keep waste flowing efficiently in any home.

Can I Install A Sewage Pump Myself?

Many plumbing projects are ideal for DIY homeowners, but installing a sewage pump isn’t one of them. It’s a project that requires professional skills because mistakes can result in serious complications. Mishandling the project could damage a home septic line or destroy a sewage pump.

Another big issue is the fact that sewage pumps use high-voltage electrical lines. Installation requires handling a submersible electrical device, which requires skill and experience to prevent a deadly shock. A simple, safe option is to leave the job to Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling experts. Our technicians can safely and efficiently install pumps which will be under warranty.

Cost of Sewage Pump Installation

Our staff works hard to provide exceptional service at the most competitive prices. We offer very competitive quotes on any project, including sewage pump installation.

We consult with customers to determine the best options for each one. Technicians provide clients with pumps that are the right style and size for their homes. For instance, bigger homes with more pipelines require bigger pumps. Professionals can also offer pumps in various power levels and voltages. Keep in mind that we provide free estimates, and there are never any hidden fees associated with installation.

Sewage Pump Installation Near Me

It is best to act before you have a backup or clog when it comes to sewer pumps. Being proactive in caring for your sewage or septic tank has significant benefits. Installing a pump can extend your plumbing system’s life and minimize the chances of problems that require expensive repairs.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can help with any of your Elkhart plumbing needs, including sewage pump installation. We offer 24/7 emergency service, and you can count on our technicians for prompt, friendly service.


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