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Water Softeners

Water Softener Services in Crown Point, IN

Many residents in Crown Point are choosing to upgrade their homes by getting a new water softener system installed. A water softener system helps eliminate excess minerals in the water. Water that has certain combinations of excess minerals is called hard water.

What makes hard water a problem? It can create problems even with the most basic of tasks. For instance, it can make it difficult to do basic chores like cleaning the dishes or cleaning laundry. Keep in mind that issues that come from hard water are not limited to the 2 provided. The residue from the excess minerals can gather over time and damage pipes. Damaged pipes are no laughing matter and can be costly to fix. The repair can cost as much as thousands to repair. Hard water is prevalent in the United States, so homeowners should install a water softening system.

Maintenance to water softener machines is required to ensure that it operates as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whether maintenance, installation, or repair services are needed, Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling can get the job done! .Water softeners help to remove dirt and particles as well as softening the water. However, these machines are advanced and are not simple to service. This is why you should leave the job of water softener service to professionals or experts. Curious whether a building or house will benefit from a water softener system? Contact Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling to discuss with our technicians.

Advantages of Water Softeners

There are countless benefits of using a water softener system. Hard water is not uncommon, so it can be helpful to understand the advantages that will come from using the system over not using the system. Below are some of the benefits to consider whether to install a water softener system or not.

Better Hair and Skin

The excess minerals found in hard water can negatively react with the naturally occurring oil on a person’s skin. After installing a water softener system, healthier skin is often noticed by those in the home. Another benefit is people will notice their hair will be softer and bouncier, as they don’t have the hard water minerals weighing their hair down.

Cleaner Dishes and Laundry

Soap can not dissolve in hard water that has excess calcium and magnesium. If the soap does not dissolve, residue from the soap will be left on dishes when you clean them, and water spots may be left on your clothes. A simple solution for these problems is to install a water softener unit.

Pipe and Fixture Protection

Hard water can damage home appliances, faucets, and drains. To avoid this damage and improve the life of appliances and pipes, install a water softener. Your water system and home appliances will last longer.

Crown Point Water Softener Installation

Water softeners should not negatively impact any plumbing systems or appliances. They should work seamlessly and help to remove minerals that cause calcium build-up, water odor, and other issues. Not only will the home appliances work more efficiently, but a softener system can also improve the taste of water.

Upon installation of the softener system, one of our technicians will route the water supply from a customer’s home through the softener system. The only water that will flow through the home will have already been processed through the water softener unit. The simplicity of the installation varies from home to home, so it is best to ask for an estimate from one of our technicians to get a complete understanding of installation fees.

Crown Point Water Softener Maintenance

Water softeners replace the minerals in hard water with salt. The amount of salt added is not enough to impact your health. Replacing minerals with salt is the most effective way to eliminate the cause of hard water. A downside of this is that it requires the salt to be occasionally replaced. Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling can service a system as needed to replace the salt and ensure that the softener is working efficiently and effectively.

Water Softener System Maintenance Schedule

To ensure the lifespan of home appliances is not negatively impacted, install a water softener. There are several types of units to choose from, and maintenance requirements will vary slightly from one device to another. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding occasional maintenance to ensure the system runs efficiently and gets the most benefits out of the system.

Water Softener Installation in Crown Point, IN

To eliminate water stains and soapy residue from your life, contact Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling today! Contact has never been easier with the help of our online forms. Our friendly staff is standing by, ready to assist you!


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