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Hot Water Heating Maintenance

Summers Hot Water Heating System Maintenance in Lafayette, IN

Many homeowners under-appreciate their water heater until that hot, relaxing shower turns arctic. water heaters allow us to take hot showers, wash clothes and dishes, or perform various other necessary tasks that keep the home running.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling provides water heating system maintenance in Lafayette and the surrounding area, to ensure there is never another cold shower for anyone. Our trained and licensed technicians will provide your water heater the maintenance it needs regularly to keep the unit running properly and safely throughout its lifespan or even longer.

The Benefits of Water Heating Maintenance

As with many systems and appliances, proper maintenance can prevent a variety of problems.  Regular maintenance can provide homeowners with many benefits they may be unaware of.

These can include:

Steady Hot Water

A well-maintained water heater is less likely to have issues that cause a lack of hot water. When a technician performs the various maintenance tasks, they can identify issues before they become a problem and provide the necessary water heater repairs to keep the hot water flowing.

These maintenance tasks can also help to keep everything in proper working order. Removing sediment can reduce corrosion and ensure that the water is heated evenly. Regular cleaning of pilots or heating elements will ensure that the unit fires up to heat the water. This ensures the entire household has the hot water they want and need.


Every water heater is equipped with a temperature-pressure relief valve. This device senses when the water is too hot or there is too much pressure in the tank. When this occurs, water is released to reduce the pressure. This device can prevent catastrophic issues with the water heater that can put the entire home at risk.

Over the years of use, this valve can corrode, stick, or otherwise fail. This can create a very dangerous situation if the temperature and pressure rise in the unit. During each scheduled maintenance, the trained technician will test this valve to ensure proper functionality. If necessary, the valve will be replaced or repaired.


Most water that comes into the home contains various minerals that can settle in the hot water tank. This sediment can accumulate in the tank posing issues with the temperature regulation of the water. These bits of minerals can absorb the heat and cause the water heater to work harder to warm the water evenly.

Other aspects of a water heater can corrode or wear over the years. Without proper care, this can also cause a water heater to work harder than it needs to. Even leaving the unit exposed to cold temperatures can make it harder to get the water to the right level of heat.

Proper maintenance will address all these things. Sediment and build-up can be removed, failing or worn parts can be replaced, even the tank and pipes can be insulated. This ensures that the water heater runs efficiently to provide plenty of hot water with less energy usage.

Cost Savings

Simply having a more efficient water heater can help save households a lot of money on energy bills. However, proper maintenance can also provide other savings for the home. A properly maintained water heater requires less service and repairs. It can also reduce the likelihood of the system failing prematurely and requiring a water heater replacement. This can save homeowners a lot of money in the long run.

Longer Lasting System

Proper water heating maintenance in Lafayette, IN can help extend the life of your water heater by removing any sediment and preventing corrosion to the tank. It also ensures all parts are functioning as they should throughout the life of the unit.

Avoiding these preventive steps can cause the unit to work harder to heat the water. This on its own can cause parts to fail faster. If the sediment builds up too much, it can cause damage to the tank and promote rust and corrosion that may go clear through the unit. This can cause the water to leak from the tank and require replacement long before it should have.

Included Maintenance

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling will provide homeowners with peace of mind in knowing that their system will be running safely and properly. During the scheduled water heating system maintenance in Lafayette, or the Tippecanoe County area, the technician will go over those problems and their possible solutions with the homeowner. The technician will also provide an estimate for the repairs or replacement of the unit. Once the homeowner approves the plan, work will begin immediately.

Water Heating Maintenance Near Me

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has been providing water heating system maintenance in Lafayette, IN for many years. We will do all we can to help you keep your home safe and comfortable. Contact us to schedule your maintenance today.


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