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Furnace Maintenance

Summers Furnace Maintenance in Bloomington-Normal, IL

Problems with your furnace are not always easy to identify. It may start up just fine. It may even seem to heat your home. Unfortunately, there may still be problems lurking in your heating system that will not show themselves until the system breaks down on a cold night or you find your next heating bill has increased significantly.

The best method for identifying and preventing these types of issues is to have your system properly maintained. Furnace maintenance in Bloomington-Normal, IL, is recommended every year before the system is to be used regularly. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our technicians can provide professional maintenance for your home’s furnace to ensure it runs properly and efficiently all winter.

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

One of the major benefits of having regular furnace maintenance in Bloomington-Normal, IL, is reducing the likelihood of a breakdown during the cold winter months. Proper maintenance allows homeowners the opportunity to identify problems early and have repairs made before issues become worse. Other benefits of this maintenance include:

Improved Air Quality

During the furnace maintenance in Bloomington-Normal, IL, the air filters will be replaced. In addition, the ducts of the home will be inspected for dirt and debris. If necessary, these ducts will be cleaned. This process will remove all the build-up in the ducts that can get blown throughout the home when the furnace is turned on.

The inside of the furnace will also be cleaned of any dust and buildup, preventing the debris from being blown throughout the home. With a new air filter and clean ducts, homeowners will notice improved air quality throughout the home. In many cases, homeowners will find they no longer need to dust as often due to less dirt in the air.

Safer Home

During the scheduled maintenance of your home’s furnace, the technician will inspect the entire system for any problems. They will ensure the system is running properly and also perform a carbon monoxide check on the system.

The technician will also check any natural gas or propane connections to ensure there are no leaks. They will also perform various other safety checks to ensure electrical connections are secure and there are no risks to the safety of the home or your family.

Evenly Warmed Home

There are various issues with the home’s heating system that can cause some areas of the home to not be heated as well as others. This can create problems with the comfort of the home. It can even cause the furnace to work harder than it should to keep the entire home at a comfortable temperature.

The technician will identify these various issues and help homeowners find a solution to correct the problem. Often, this problem is due to gaps, holes, or even a buildup of dirt in the ducts of the home. Fortunately, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers cleaning and sealing services for the ducts of a home. This will ensure the furnace runs more efficiently and provides even heating throughout the home.

Energy Efficiency

Worn-out belts or other parts of the furnace can make it work harder to heat a home. Dirt and debris built up on the system can also make the unit struggle to provide the needed heat throughout the winter. Dirty air filters or damaged ducts can cause a furnace to use more energy than normal to keep the home warm.

During the annual maintenance, the technician will inspect all these issues and offer the proper cleaning or repairs to keep the furnace running as it should. This will greatly improve the efficiency of the unit and provide a more comfortable home environment.

Longer Life of Furnace

Improper care of a furnace can impede its ability to perform as it should. Often, without proper maintenance, a furnace has to work harder to keep the home warm. This can cause the various components of the furnace to wear out more frequently. Not only will this require more repairs due to continuous breakdowns, but it will also cause the unit to fail sooner than it should.

Proper maintenance provides the care, cleaning, and lubrication a furnace needs to keep it performing at top levels throughout its lifetime. Proper care and prompt repairs ensure the furnace will last as long as the manufacturer suggested it would. Often, this lifespan is between 15 and 20 years or longer, depending on the type of furnace.

Cost Savings

Proper maintenance of your home’s furnace will provide savings throughout the winter and even longer. The improved efficiency of the unit will save the household money on heating bills. There will be fewer costs to have the system repaired. It will also save homeowners by extending the life of the system, preventing the need to buy a new furnace sooner than you should have to.

Furnace Maintenance Near Me

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our technicians have been providing excellent service for many years. Our goal is to help homeowners maintain a safe and comfortable home provided by courteous and professional technicians. When it’s time for your furnace maintenance in Bloomington-Normal, IL, give Summers a call.

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