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Summers AC tune Up in Bloomington-Normal, IL

When the weather starts getting warm, many people depend on their AC system to keep their homes cool and comfortable. Before you start your AC, are you certain it is ready to provide the cool comfort your home needs? If it isn’t, a breakdown on a hot summer’s day could be right around the corner.

An AC tune Up in Bloomington-Normal, IL, will help to prevent problems with your system and ensure your home stays cool throughout the summer. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our technicians can provide expert services for any home’s cooling system to ensure it is ready to face the harsh summer temperatures.

What is an AC tune Up?

An AC tune Up in Bloomington-Normal, IL is a process that provides a home’s cooling system with the care needed to perform properly and efficiently all summer long. This tune-up should take place every spring before the system is used. During the process, the technician will:

  • Inspect the ductwork for damage or debris.
  • Lubricate the unit’s moving parts.
  • Clean the condenser coils.
  • Calibrate the thermostat.
  • Check and adjust all mechanical and electrical parts as necessary.
  • Clean or change the air filter.
  • Inspect the blower motor and belt.
  • Check refrigerant levels.

Once this process is complete, the technician will run the system to ensure it cycles on and off properly. If any issues with the system are found, the technician will discuss them with the homeowner. They will provide a detailed solution with an estimate of the cost. Once the homeowner approves the repairs, the technician will get the work to repair the unit.

What are the Benefits of an AC Tune-Up?

Having the cooling system in your home tuned up every year can provide many benefits. These benefits include:

Even Temperatures

Even temperatures throughout the home mean no more hot spots or areas that are too cold. When the AC is not working properly or there is an issue with the ductwork in the home, it can cause areas of the home to not get the cool air they need. This can create hot spots. The AC or the homeowner may attempt to cool the home further to eliminate the hot spots. This can cause the system to work harder and longer.

With the proper care, the cause of the hot spots can be identified and repairs can be made. This can help to ensure the home stays at a comfortable temperature, and your system to not work as hard to get it there.

Lower Energy Costs

If there are even temperatures throughout the home, the system does not have to work as hard. Also, the tune-up process removes debris from the system, lubricates necessary areas, and makes repairs where necessary. This ensures that the system is running properly and efficiently.

When the system is running without issue and does not need to work overtime to compensate for a problem, it will use less energy during its regular cycles. This will decrease the energy costs a homeowner usually pays during the summer months.

Reduce the Need for Repairs

The tune-up can also reduce the need for repairs and save homeowners money on this too. Many problems and repairs on an AC system are due to improper care of the unit. By providing all recommended care, the system will not break down as often. In addition, the technician can identify problems early and provide repairs before they can cause more damage to the system.

Extend the Life of the AC

By providing the care your AC system needs every year, you can help prevent much of the wear that can affect the system. For example, proper cleaning and lubricating of the various parts of the system allow them to work easier and be less likely to wear out or break. This keeps the system running longer without the need for replacement.

The typical AC system lasts about 15 to 20 years. However, if the system is not getting the proper care and cleaning, the parts can wear out faster. This can force homeowners to have their units replaced earlier. By providing the system with a regular tune-up, homeowners will avoid this issue.

AC Repair Service

Although it is more common for an AC system to need repairs when regular tune-ups are not provided, sometimes issues occur. Homeowners must provide their system with the proper repair as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the unit.

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our team of expert technicians will provide prompt service and professional repairs on any cooling system. We will help you and your family get back to living a cool and comfortable life as quickly as possible.

Affordable Professional Services

Not only do we provide a professional AC tune Up in Bloomington-Normal, IL, but we also offer affordable pricing. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we work hard to provide expert care and courteous service at prices homeowners can afford. Give us a call today or visit our website to schedule your next service.

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