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AC Replacement

Replacing Your Air Conditioner in Avon, IN

Midwestern states have hot summers, and Avon, Indiana is no exception. When those hot summer days occur, turning on the air conditioner is an amazing feeling. Unfortunately, air conditioners do break down from time to time. When this occurs, you need to contact a reputable HVAC business to help you get your system working properly again.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling have repaired and replaced air conditioners in Avon since 1969. They are well known for exceptional customer service, as well as providing quality work and the best products on the market. The HVAC technicians are licensed and certified in the latest technology and will ensure your home is cool and comfortable during the summer months.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Air conditioning units are rather complex and are best left to the professionals. The technicians have plenty of experience and training to handle any issues that may arise. The technician will take you through the entire process of replacing a unit, and will begin with an evaluation of the current system you have. If it is determined that it is best to replace it, rather than repair it, then they will make recommendations to make sure you get the best system for your home. The installation is guaranteed to get done properly and effectively.

When You Should Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioning Replacement

There isn’t a single sign that will let you know that you need to replace your air conditioner. However, there are a few signs that point to a replacement, rather than a repair. If you come across any of these signs, then it is best to call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment. Below are a few examples of signs many people come across letting them know it is time to replace their unit.

Number of Years You Have Had the Unit

Most air conditioners will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Many times, you will be able to get a few more years out of that, especially if it gets regular maintenance. However, there will come a point where replacing a unit will make more sense than repairing it. For example, if your unit starts to malfunction after eight years, then it is best to replace the equipment, instead of spending money on repairs.

Repairing the Unit

If you are repairing your unit several times each year, you should replace it. Repairs are rather expensive, and it is best to put that money towards a new unit, instead of numerous repairs. Not only will you save money, but you will have a new and better unit.

Repairs are Expensive

As stated above, repairing an air conditioning unit can be expensive. For instance, if there are issues with the cooling coils or the compressor, then the repair will be expensive. The same holds if a coolant leak develops.


As your air conditioning unit gets older, it becomes less efficient. Sometimes, you may not notice it, but eventually, you will feel the lack of cool air throughout the home. If regular maintenance does not correct the issue, then it is probably time for a new air conditioner unit.

Benefits of a New Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioning unit is more of an investment for your home. Updating the system has various benefits to the homeowner, and these include:

  • Indoor air quality is greatly improved
  • Energy efficiency is improved
  • Monthly utility bills lowered
  • The home is cool and comfortable
  • The home’s value is increased with a new unit

Finally, the best benefit of installing a new air conditioning unit is having peace of mind. This way, you will rest easy knowing that your new unit is performing well and that you will not have to pay for constant repairs. This way, you will have cool air whenever you want it.

Air Conditioning Replacing in Your Area

It can be very overwhelming to think about installing a new air conditioning system in your home. However, you can trust Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to have your best interest in mind. For 50 years, they have offered Avon air conditioning replacement and repairs. They will make sure the community is staying safe and cool throughout the summer months.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is committed to providing the best service possible. When it is time for an HVAC contractor, call them to assist you with all of your needs. The consultation is free and they will provide you with an estimate that will be affordable.

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