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Pipe Thawing

Pipe Thawing in Anderson

When the temperature in Anderson drops below freezing, keeping your home warm isn’t just about being comfortable—it keeps other vital systems working as well, especially your plumbing system. Even when your home is properly heated, it’s possible for your pipes to freeze, which can cause major problems for your plumbing. 

If you need help with pipe thawing in Anderson, look no further than Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We’ve been providing plumbing solutions to homeowners throughout the area since 1969, building a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and unrivaled customer service. If your pipes are suffering from the cold, call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling today, and we’ll get your water flowing.

Professional Pipe Thawing Service

Our technicians are all fully licensed and insured, and with their extensive training and experience, you can rest assured that your home’s plumbing is in good hands. The plumbers at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling have the knowledge and skills to overcome any problem they may encounter when working in your home.

Recognizing Frozen Pipes

There’s water in your pipes at all times to maintain constant pressure throughout your plumbing system. This helps provide you with an uninterrupted supply of water on demand without spitting or sputtering as water pushes the excess air out of your pipes.

The downside is that cold temperatures can sometimes cause this water to freeze with surprising quickness. When this happens, water no longer flows through this pipe, meaning you’ll no longer get water to your faucets or appliances. When your water stops flowing to your faucets and the temperature is below freezing, it’s a good indication that your pipes may be frozen.

However, the bigger problem is the pressure inside your pipes. Water expands when it freezes, and this can damage your plumbing. As the pressure builds, it can cause your pipes to spring leaks, which can range from minor drips to major gushers. If you hear the sound of water in your walls or ceiling or notice water in your basement or crawlspace, it might also be a sign your pipes have frozen.

The Pipe Thawing Process

Some homeowners may try to thaw their pipes themselves, which can cause significant damage to their plumbing. While it’s not surprising that it’s a bad idea to try and melt any ice blockage with an open flame like a blowtorch, even a hairdryer or heating pad can cause problems, as well.

Once your pipes have frozen, there’s a good chance that they’ve become damaged; however, while they’re frozen, they’re unlikely to leak at the location of the ice. The best solution is to call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for their professional pipe thawing service.

A qualified technician is more likely to be able to spot any damage before starting the pipe thawing process. This can help them prepare to handle any water that may start leaking from your pipes and begin any repairs that need to be performed. 

Usually, even in the best cases, there is some damage to your pipes that requires repair. Our technicians will make sure that once your pipes are thawed, there are no leaks, and that your pipes haven’t deformed or otherwise become damaged. They’ll also suggest ways you can help prevent your pipes from freezing again.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Most times, pipes freeze because they’re exposed to the elements. Whether it’s an outdoor pipe, plumbing runs through unheated areas of your home, including basements and crawl spaces, or pipes that are inadequately insulated, your plumbing may be at risk of freezing. 

Preventing frozen pipes starts with proper insulation. If any of your plumbing is at risk of freezing, you can trust our technicians to help you ensure it’s sufficiently insulated with the proper materials. You should also make sure your home is properly heated, making sure not to lower your home’s temperature below 55 degrees.

Finally, if you are concerned about your pipes freezing for any reason, one simple prevention measure you can take is to leave your faucet running. Just a slow trickle of hot and cold water is enough to help keep ice from forming in your pipes.

Pipe Thawing Near Me

We’ve been providing Anderson pipe thawing services for more than 50 years, and we remain committed to helping homeowners in our community keep their homes safe and dry all year long. If your pipes have frozen, contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling today to set up your professional pipe thawing service. We look forward to serving you!


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