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Drain Repair

Drain Repair in Anderson

Your home’s drain system is designed to remove wastewater from sinks, tubs, showers, and even the basement. If your drain system isn’t working properly, it could indicate a problem with the drain itself or a problem further down the line.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers expert plumbing services, including drain repair services in Anderson.

Understanding Your Home’s Drain

Your home’s drain system includes two general components:

  • The main drain assembly at the sink, tub, shower, or floor
  • The pipes that carry wastewater from the house

Most drains include a U-shaped pipe called a “trap” below the fixture. True to its name, this “trap” creates a barrier to block sediment and prevent drainage odors and water from traveling back through the pipe. 

Your home’s drain also includes a ventilation system to allow gases and odors to exit your home through the roof.

When Do I Need Drain Repair Services?

When your home’s drain stops working properly, you may notice several signs.

Slow Drains

Your sinks and tubs may drain more slowly than before. This may indicate a localized clog. If multiple drains are draining slowly, it could indicate a larger problem down the line.

Water Pooling or “Backflow”

You may notice water pooling in your sink or tub—a good indication that the drain is clogged somewhere. In other cases, you may experience “backflow,” which refers to water that travels back up the drain.

Bad Smells

You may also notice an unpleasant odor coming from any of your drains, indicating a problem with your home’s drainage system.

Some of these may reflect a larger problem in your home’s sewer lines. But in other cases, your home’s drain system is simply in need of service or repair.


By far, the number one cause of a drainage problem is clogging. Oftentimes, without realizing it, homeowners put things in the drain that they shouldn’t be: Food, paper products, and garbage.

Maybe you grew up hearing that you could flush cooking grease down the sink if you used enough hot water. Unfortunately, this isn’t true…it can be a cause of a slow or blocked drain.

Leave Drain Repair to the Professionals

A clogged drain can be a local problem, in which case a homeowner can perform basic maintenance and repair by trying one of the following:

  • Trying to clear the obstruction with a plunger
  • Adjusting the stopper in the sink/tub
  • Tightening the connections with the pipe beneath the sink

Drain cleaning products may seem a natural solution, but when the drain is completely clogged, these products can release harmful fumes that can be hazardous to your health.

Additionally, this sort of maintenance might solve the problem temporarily—but might fail to address a more serious problem somewhere else in your home’s drainage system.

When these basic maintenance techniques don’t resolve the issue, it may be time to consider contacting a professional for drain repair.

Drain Repair is More Urgent than You Might Think

A clogged drain is more than just a minor inconvenience. It might prevent the use of a sink, but also prevent you from taking a shower or even flushing the toilet.

When this happens, you’re looking at a need that’s more urgent than you might think. Other local plumbers might not be able to service your home promptly. Thankfully, you can count on the trusted, local expertise of Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

Drain Repair in Anderson

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has been serving the community for over 50 years. We’re confident in our ability to deliver drain repair in Anderson for a price that either matches or beats our competitors.

Our experienced technicians can evaluate the drainage system of your home and perform the necessary repairs to get your drains flowing again. We pride ourselves on our exceptional, professional service. Read our reviews to hear what other Anderson customers are saying about us.

Contact us today, and we can provide a free, no-pressure written estimate. Should you hire us for your drain repair, you can have confidence in our one-year warranty on all plumbing labor, and the manufacturer’s warranty on any parts we use or install.

Additionally, we offer flexible payment options, and online specials to maximize your budget. When you’re ready to schedule your service appointment, contact us on the web or by phone.

In a pinch? We’re available 24/7 for all your urgent needs. Contact us today and make us your choice for your drain repair services.


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