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AC Tune-Up in Yorkville

As Yorkville continues to expand, so do the service options available to its residents. While the city’s recent growth has created many new opportunities for its citizens, some things never change.

Yorkville is still known for its prolonged winters and moderate summers. While our peak warm-weather months typically teeter in the mid-80s, this is plenty hot enough to work up a sweat.

After winter comes to a close and temperatures begin to rise, you need to ensure your home’s AC is in peak working condition. Fortunately, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can help. For several decades, we have provided top-notch heating and cooling services to our customers. We are proud to announce that our service area includes Yorkville.

If you wait until mid-July to give your home’s AC a second thought, it may be too late. The best way to keep your AC at the ready is to schedule an AC tune-up with our team.

What is an AC Tune-Up?

An AC tune-up is a routine maintenance visit that our team performs to keep your system working at its best. During the tune-up, we will do the following:

  • Perform a function check on your thermostat
  • Inspect ductwork for leaks or damage
  • Inspect condenser unit
  • Inspect and clean coils
  • Remove any debris from the external unit
  • Inspect and straighten fins
  • Check all wiring and harnesses for secure connection
  • Replace your air filter
  • Ensure that refrigerant is topped off
  • Clean drain pipe and inspect drain pan
  • Ensure that your AC unit is cycling on and off properly

As you can see, our tune-up service delivers incredible value. Our professionals will check every component of your system to ensure that it works as it should be. If any concerns are detected, we will consult with you to make any repairs.

Benefits of an AC Tune-Up

An AC tune-up has many benefits, including better efficiency, fewer repair costs, a more comfortable home, and improved air quality. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits below.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Your home’s AC consumes more energy than almost any other appliance. An AC that is struggling to cool your home properly or has damaged components will result in increased utility bills. Our team can detect these problems during the tune-up and make needed repairs.

Reduced Repair Costs

Your AC is a complex system that relies on its key components to work together flawlessly. When one part is failing, then others can follow suit. AC tune-ups allow our team to address minor problems early to prevent them from becoming more serious issues.

Without regular maintenance, you increase the chances of your system experiencing a catastrophic failure. This can make emergency service visits or even total unit replacements necessary. AC tune-ups can save you thousands of dollars in the long term.

A More Comfortable Home

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling’s tune-up service is designed to ensure that your AC is ready to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long. Once our experts have inspected your AC, you can rest assured that it will be ready for even the warmest August days.

Better Air Quality

Your home’s air quality plays a vital role in your overall health, especially during allergy season. Keeping your ducts clean and replacing your air filter is a must. During our AC tune-up services, our team will inspect your ducts and swap out that old filter. 

If your ducts appear dirty or moldy, our professionals will likely recommend a duct cleaning service to keep your family breathing easy all year long.

How Often Do I Need an AC Tune-Up?

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling generally recommends that you receive an AC tune-up every year. The ideal time to schedule your tune-up is in the spring, just before the weather gets warmer. This is because your AC will not be used during the winter and will work hardest in the summer.

The first time they turn on their system after the extended break is when many homeowners begin to experience problems. The lack of usage can allow dirt and debris to accumulate, a common source of AC malfunctions.

However, we can perform a tune-up anytime, especially if your AC does not seem to be working as it should.

AC Tune-Up Near Me

Do not put off your AC tune-up. Doing so can result in some major repair bills and a complete failure of your AC system.

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