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4 Water Heater Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Spring

Image of steamy shower head. Water heater preparation tips for spring.

As the winter chill fades and the days grow longer, it is finally time to start thinking about spring cleaning—and not just for your Yorkville, IL, home but also for your home’s plumbing equipment!

Your home’s water heater is essential creating a comfortable home. Preventative maintenance is key to reducing potential issues with it as well as the inconvenience! After all, nobody wants to be left taking a cold shower!

That is where Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling comes in. We are proud to be your trusted provider for all plumbing, heating, cooling, and indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions. Here is our advice to help keep you and your water heater happy this spring.


Consider these tips to keep your water heater running efficiently for the warmer months ahead:

  1. Adjust the temperature: During winter, you might have set your water heater to a higher temperature for warmer showers. With spring’s arrival, you can likely lower the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Schedule a water heater inspection: Sediment buildup at the bottom of the water heater tank can reduce water heater efficiency and life span over time. Call Summers to have the tank checked, flushed, and properly maintained. If you are one of our maintenance members, Summers provides this service at no charge.
  3. Check for leaks: If you see any water present at connections or in the drain pan, even a small drip or amount, it could indicate a larger problem that should be addressed right away. Contact Summers for a free inspection if water is present.According to the Department of Energy (DOE), insulating hot water pipes can save you up to 10 percent on your water heating costs.Not sure how to insulate pipes? No problem! Our Yorkville plumbing professionals can take care of this for you, ensuring all your pipes are properly insulated and leaving you feeling confident about your equipment.
  4. Schedule your spring plumbing and AC maintenance visit: Spring is also the perfect time to schedule your plumbing and AC maintenance visit. A spring tune-up keeps your air conditioning system running efficiently and your plumbing system free of leaks, saving you money on water and energy bills and preventing unexpected breakdowns in the peak summer months—which nobody wants to deal with on a hot day! Remember, early detection and preventative maintenance are key to avoiding costly repairs and ensuring the smooth operation of your plumbing and AC systems.


For all your Yorkville, IL, home’s water heater and plumbing maintenance needs, look to Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We are proud to offer solutions to ensure your comfort and safety. Call us today at 630-409-0188 or request service online.


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