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Water Softener

Southport Water Softener Services

Southport sits at the junction of the Eel and Wabash rivers and serves as the seat of Cass County. Although residents enjoy living here, they do encounter the challenge of hard water. In fact, hard water remains a problem for many residents across the state. Fortunately, men and women find they can treat this problem and with less difficulty than they may imagine.

What is Hard Water?

Water hardness refers to the levels and types of minerals present in the liquid. When measuring these levels and types, scientists look at calcium and magnesium first. They serve as the two main minerals that influence the hardness of the water. However, chlorine, iron, and copper also play a role, and experts categorize the water by the overall mineral content.

To qualify as soft water, the mineral content must remain below 17.0 parts per million or ppm. Water with 17 to 60 ppm falls into the slightly hard category, and moderately hard water comes in at 60 to 120 parts per million. Hard water comes with a ppm between 120 and 180, and very hard water is anything above 180 ppm.

The Dangers of Hard Water

Why should a person be concerned about the hardness of their water? Humans can consume hard water and have no negative consequences. However, the minerals present in hard water often accumulate on metal pipes or anything else they come into contact with. For instance, the crusty buildup seen on many shower heads is the result of hard water. 

Some people notice a scale buildup on plumbing fixtures in the home and find they frequently need plumbing repairs. Water-based appliances must work harder in areas with hard water, which leads to a shorter lifespan for these units. The appliances aren’t as effective either, and many people find their clothes fade when washed in hard water. Finally, using the water to clean driveways and sidewalks may lead to stains.

Humans also notice hard water negatively impacts their bodies. After washing their hair in hard water, a person might find it is unmanageable and has a film over it. The water dries the hair, which can lead to breakage or hair loss. Negative effects on the skin include clogged pores, acne breakouts, skin that is dry and itchy, or a worsening of existing skin conditions. Installing a water softener in your Southport home helps to eliminate these concerns.

Why Choose a Water Softener?

Water softeners help to protect appliances and the plumbing system in the home from damage. In addition, they ensure that people won’t experience negative consequences when using water to clean their bodies. These devices make use of the ion exchange process. As sodium is a positively charged ion, when it comes into contact with hard water, it swaps places with negatively charged magnesium and calcium ions. The result is water that is soft and ready for use.

Save Money With a Water Softener

Homeowners find they save money with the installation of a water softener. These systems last for two decades on average, so this isn’t a regular expense. When the water system is operating, it reduces the cost of heating and cooling water in the residence while extending the lifespan of appliances that make use of water. Detergents and soaps work more effectively in soft water, and clothes come out softer without fading. Stains take less time to clean, and the skin and hair feel clean and soft.

Choosing the Right Water Softener System

Water softeners make living with hard water much easier. Homeowners in Southport turn to Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for assistance in securing a water softener system for their residence. Determining the correct size and type of unit to purchase for the home depends on many factors. This includes the condition of pipes within the plumbing system, the home’s square footage, the number of bathrooms, and the number of bedrooms. With this information, the technician makes a recommendation on the appropriate system for the house.

If you want to know more about water softener systems and their benefits, call us today. Our technicians are always happy to answer any questions customers have. We want you to be satisfied with all work we do in your home and will go out of our way to make certain this is the case. Whether you are looking for assistance getting a water softener system installed or need our help with another project. Call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We handle them all, big and small.


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