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Air Humidifier

Air Humidifier Services in Southport, IN

Dry air tends to cause a long list of problems for homeowners in Southport, IN, and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, they’re issues many local homeowners have to deal with especially during the winters months. If you think dry air may be negatively affecting your home and family, you don’t have to simply tolerate it until warm weather returns. Having a whole-home humidifier installed can help remedy the situation and combat all the problems dry air is known to cause. Of course, you need a local team of air humidifier experts to help you find the right system for your home and install it properly.

Your Local Air Humidifier Specialists

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is your source for air humidifiers and all the services required to keep them working at their best. Our team of highly trained and qualified technicians has extensive experience in HVAC and indoor air quality services, and we’re here to help you keep your home comfortable in every way possible. We strive to provide the highest level of quality and always use our knowledge and skills to our clients’ fullest benefit. If you’re looking for a way to balance the humidity levels in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a service appointment.

Why Is Dry Air a Problem?

Dry air can lead to some problems in your home. For one, it can damage your walls and flooring. Many building materials need a certain level of humidity to keep them in good shape. When the humidity gets too low, paint on the walls can start to crack or blister, and wallpaper may start to peel away from the walls. Wood flooring may begin to buckle and separate. Your window and door frames might shrink and shift as well. Dry air can also affect other components of your home, like the furniture and cabinets. In addition to the damage dry air can do to your home, it can cause several health issues. Your family may begin to cough, sneeze, and wheeze seemingly without explanation. They might experience chest tightness and difficulty breathing. If anyone in your home has asthma, it might get worse if there isn’t enough moisture in the air. Dry air can also cause skin, nasal, and eye irritation as well as nosebleeds and other health issues.

What Causes Dry Air?

Dry air is typically more common during the colder months. When the air is cold, it can’t hold onto moisture as easily as it does when it’s warm. Inside your home, dry air can be caused by a couple of issues. It often stems from gaps in the seals around your windows and doors. Those gaps allow cold air from outside to come inside where it strips your air of moisture. Heating systems also reduce the moisture levels of indoor air. Wood heat is known to cause excessively dry air as well.

How Can a Whole-House Air Humidifier Help?

Whole-house humidifiers work in much the same way as portable humidifiers. They use water to add moisture to the air around them. The difference here is that whole-home humidifiers are installed in your home’s ductwork and connected directly to your plumbing system. While the heating system is running, the humidifier produces moisture that’s circulated throughout your house. It’ll help balance the scales and keep at bay the health issues and damage to your home that are often associated with dry air.

Are There Other Benefits to Having an Air Humidifier Installed in My Home?

Reducing the likelihood of damage and health problems caused by dry air is reason enough for many people to consider having a whole-house air humidifier installed in their HVAC systems. Doing so offers a few other advantages as well. If you’re concerned about the overall quality of the air in your home, simply having a humidifier installed can help improve the situation. Having the right amount of humidity in the air can help prevent allergens and other contaminants from circulating through your house. At the same time, a humidifier can make your heating and air conditioning system operate more efficiently and effectively. That may even save you money on heating and cooling costs over time.

Let Summers Improve the Air in Your Home

Here at Summers, we’re proud to be the area’s leading HVAC and indoor air quality experts. Our technicians can help you choose a whole-house air humidifier and install it for you. If you’re interested in having an air humidifier installed in your home, contact us by phone or online to schedule a consultation or service appointment.


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