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Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer Line Replacement in Southport

Thankfully, pipes are made to last. Therefore, depending on the material the pipe is made out of, sewer line replacement should be a rare operation, possibly even a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. The calculated lifespan for each pipe material is listed below:

Cast Iron Pipes: 75-100 years

Clay Pipes: Up to 100 years

Cement Pipes: Up to 100 years

Orangeburg Pipes: Near 50 years

When provided with regular maintenance and proactive attention, pipes may last even longer than expected. However, when a sewer line malfunctions, it is important to receive help quickly. When sewer line replacement is needed in the Southport area, contact Summers Plumbing and Heating.

When to Seek Professional Sewer Line Replacement

If a customer has been searching for sewer line replacement, then something in their home has probably already started to malfunction. Although this can be an unpleasant situation to handle, it is important to replace the sewer line before the issues become more serious. This is the best way to prevent further problems in the future. Listed below are warning signs that may indicate that a home’s sewer line requires replacement, or at the very least, requires maintenance.

Draining Problems

Most clogs in a household affect a single appliance. However, if multiple appliances are clogged or slow draining, the cause could be the sewer line. It is important to keep track of how quickly home appliances are draining, and if the speed seems to be slowed, an investigation should occur.

Water Damage

If water damage in any form (mold, mildew, or water stains) occurs, a leaking sewer line may be the culprit. Keep track of where the sewer line is relative to the water damage to help narrow down the cause of the damage.

Foul Smelling Yard

If a yard is flooding or has a foul smell, the cause could be the sewer line. This issue is more easily noticed in warmer areas because the lines are closer to the surface than in areas where the pipes are deeper to avoid freezing.

Trees or Large Roots Near Sewer Lines

Large roots such as the roots of trees search for water and nutrients. A sewer line can provide both of these, and unfortunately, these roots can penetrate sewer lines. Once roots get into sewer lines, they can quickly take over and block the line.

Extreme Temperatures

If an area receives record-breaking low temperatures, which is becoming more common because of climate change, especially in warmer areas, the sewer line may have frozen. When water freezes, it expands. This can cause cracks in pipes and weaken them in general.


Although sewer lines are made out of rust-resistant materials, hard water, a common problem in the United States, can cause excess minerals. This buildup can lead to corrosion within pipes.

Foreign Objects

When foreign objects that sewer lines are not designed to dispose of travel through the pipe, it can cause damage or create blockages. For instance, flushing paper towels or pouring oil or grease through pipes can create clogs. Not only will water not pass, but the pressure created from the clog may damage the pipe further.

The Process: Sewer Line Replacement and Repair

To get a live view of the problem, one of our plumbing experts will push a video camera through the sewer. This allows the technician to inspect the line for issues. After the initial inspection, the technician will likely use one of three solutions.

Pipe Lining

This is the simplest and cheapest repair method. The pipe will not have to be dug up for this solution, and the technician can apply this solution on portions of the pipe instead of throughout the entire line. The technician will insert a tube into the line that will eventually harden. This effectively prevents leaks.

Pipe Bursting

This method does not require the pipe to be dug up. With this solution, the technician will use a tool shaped like a cone to break the sewer line underground and replace it with a new one. This solution does not damage the yard, but it is not quick, nor is it cheap.

Regular Replacement

If a pipe is damaged beyond repair, the technician may attempt to use traditional methods first but soon realize that the only option is line replacement. This solution requires the pipe to be dug up. Next, the technician will replace the pipes.

Southport Sewer Line Replacement

Do not hesitate to contact Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling for sewer line replacement services in the Southport area. Contact has never been easier with the help of our online forms. Our technicians are experts in their field and take pride in their work.


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