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Summers Minisplit Installation in Seymour, IN

Not every home is equipped with air conditioning. This can make it difficult for many homeowners to stay cool and comfortable during the summer months. Window air conditioners can help, but do not provide the complete comfort the home needs. Homeowners should consider Minisplit Installation in Seymour, IN to finally have the cool and comfortable home they want.

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our trained technicians can provide complete services to help homeowners find the right cooling system for their homes. Whether they choose a traditional system or a mini-split, our team will provide complete installation and service to ensure it runs properly and stays that way to keep the home comfortable all summer long.

What Is a Mini-Split?

Traditionally, homes rely on either window air conditioning units or central air conditioning to cool their home. Window units can provide cool air for a specific room but no more. They are also bulky, hard to place, and can greatly increase the electric bill of the household. This is why many people often chose central air conditioning systems.

Central air conditioning systems consist of a condenser unit that sits on the outside of the home and a cooling unit that sits inside, usually near the home’s heating system. When the air is cooled, the fan blows the cool air through the ducts of the home to lower the temperature throughout the home. These are more efficient than window units but require existing ductwork to cool.

A mini-split system is similar to central air conditioning in that it uses an external condenser unit to cool the refrigerant. However, the inside unit is quite different. The inside unit or handler is placed in the specific room or zone that needs to be cooled. There is no ductwork needed as the unit blows the cool air to the entire area.

Another major difference with traditional central air is that a mini-split system can have more than one handler unit. This allows homeowners to place a unit in every room or zone of the home that needs to be cooled without worrying about adding ducts.

What Are the Benefits of a Mini-Split?

There are many benefits of the Minisplit Installation in Seymour, IN. It offers great flexibility and comfort for the entire home. Some other benefits homeowners can receive from these units includes:

Easy Installation

The greatest benefit of the mini-split system is the easy installation. Homeowners do not need to have ductwork installed in their homes to use the system. One unit is placed on the outside of the home that is connected through two small holes placed for each handler unit. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers quick installation of these systems to get the home cool quickly.

Better Comfort

There are always individuals in the home that like the temperature a little warmer or cooler than others. This can be a challenge for those with traditional central air systems. These older systems only allow for one temperature to be set at a time.

With a mini-split system, up to four handlers can be used throughout the home. Each handler has a thermostat. This lets the person in that room or zone the ability to set the temperature to what they find to be the most comfortable without diminishing the comfort of others in the home.

Energy Efficient

A mini-split system can be far more energy-efficient than central air conditioners. Part of this efficiency and energy savings will come from the ability of household members to adjust their particular settings to get the temperature they want. This eliminates any up and down on the central thermostat in the home.

Another energy benefit is due to the lack of ductwork to run the system. In many homes, the cool air is blown through the ductwork to cool the home. Gaps, cracks, and even just the ductwork itself can allow cool air to escape. This can cause the system to work harder just to get the home cooled, using more energy in the process.

With a mini-split system, there is no ductwork. Rooms and zones are cooled directly from the handler units. There is also complete control over the temperatures of these areas. This even allows homeowners to shut off the system for areas that are not in use to save energy.


Minisplit Installation in Seymour, IN is more affordable compared to traditional air conditioning systems. This is because there is a lot less to install in general. For homes that do not have ductwork, the mini-split may be the best option for affordability because adding ductwork to a home can be quite costly.

Mini Split Installation Near Me

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers Minisplit Installation in Seymour, IN to help homeowners create a comfortable environment in their homes. Our expert technicians can help with every step of the installation process. If considering installing a new cooling system in your home, give us a call today for a free estimate. 


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