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AC Installation

AC Installation in Seymour, IN

Property owners will need to set up replacement services if their AC system is no longer viable. If they suspect that the Ac system is faulty, the property owner can set up an inspection and get the system evaluated. Once the AC technician confirms that the system cannot be repaired, the property owner must start their search for a new AC system.

HVAC professionals can provide recommendations for a new AC system. They show the property owner a full catalog of AC systems that are right for the property and offer exceptional features. The HVAC professionals start with an estimate for the new AC system and discussions about what features are best for the home.

Calculating the Proper Size

HVAC technicians calculate the proper size for the AC system by first finding the area of each living space and multiplying the area by 25 BTUs. They will calculate the total BTUs by adding up the necessary services for all living spaces. The property owner must find an AC system that is the appropriate size for the property. If it is not the correct size, it will not provide adequate cooling or keep the property at a comfortable temperature.

Reviewing the Homeowner’s Budget

The cost of the AC system could determine if the property owner can afford the AC system, and they will determine if they will need financing for the new installation. The HVAC professionals can provide a full catalog of AC systems that are the correct size for the property and won’t exceed their budget. They can also help the homeowners select a payment plan that will provide them with affordable monthly payments.

Updating the Thermostat

The thermostat must operate as expected, or it will not gauge the room temperature properly. When installing a new AC system, the property owner will need to upgrade their thermostat and get a product warranty for the thermostat. Many HVAC professionals recommend a programmable thermostat to give the property owner more control over their heating and cooling systems. It allows them to program the thermostat to operate at specific temperatures at certain times.

Evaluating the Ductwork

The ductwork must be in great shape and shouldn’t present the property owner with air loss. If it is damaged or if the seal is broken, the cool air will leak underneath the property. If the ductwork requires repairs, the HVAC professionals will complete a full estimate and set up the services according to the homeowner’s schedule. If the ductwork is too damaged, they can provide an estimate for a new installation to prevent air loss and increase the use-value energy efficiency of the new AC system.

Setting Up a Maintenance Plan 

A maintenance plan is a great option for new AC system installations, and the service provider offers a contract that could give the homeowner discounts on vital services. Routine maintenance services are a must for all AC systems. If the homeowners do not set up the services, they could void the warranty.

HVAC professionals review the manufacturer’s instructions in the product warranty, and they will complete the steps as directed. By completing the maintenance services, the AC system will operate longer, and the property owner could get more use value from the AC system.

Where to Get a New AC

Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling provides residential property owners in their service area with plumbing and HVAC services. The service provider completes a variety of services including inspections, routine maintenance, repairs, and new installations. The company has a rich history of excellence and guarantees all its services. Property owners can learn more about setting up an AC Installation in Seymour, IN by contacting the service provider directly for an appointment today.

Property owners will need to set up a new installation when their AC system is no longer viable. When choosing a new system, the first obstacle is to find the correct unit size, and the technicians will perform calculations to find the correct amount of BTUs. Next, they consider the cost of the AC system and the installation fees, and the service provider can offer them a full estimate for several AC systems

The HVAC professionals will provide them with a full estimate for each AC system of interest. The property owner can review the upfront costs and compare them to the maintenance expenses for each unit. These expenses define if the unit is affordable for the property owner. Homeowners must find an AC system that accommodates their cooling needs and provides them with affordable costs.


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