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Sewer Line Repair

Summers Sewer Line Repair in Portage, IN

One of the most frustrating and often most missed problems a household can face is a clogged or broken sewer line. This issue can be hard to diagnose and hard to repair. However, avoiding such a repair can lead to serious damage to the home and health risks for the entire family.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers professional sewer line repair in Portage, IN. At the first sign of a problem, homeowners can contact our team of professional technicians to identify and repair any issue the sewer line may have. This can help keep the home safe and comfortable.

Purpose of the Sewer Line

The sewer line is the back end of a home’s plumbing system. When clean water comes into the home, it needs a place to go after it is used. The sewer line provides that service. It directs the dirty wastewater away from the property to keep the home safe, clean, and comfortable.

As wastewater goes down the drains of the sinks, toilets, and other areas of the home, it is directed to the main sewer line. This line connects to all the drains in the home to guide wastewater to the city’s main sewer system.

The sewer line is connected to the home and then runs underground, usually through the home’s back yard, until it connects to the city’s sewer. Since it is underground, it can be difficult knowing there is a problem with the line until it becomes quite serious.

Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

Since the sewer line runs deep under the yard, it can be very difficult to identify problems before they get severe. This makes it important for homeowners to be aware of early signs of an issue with the sewer line. These signs can include:

  • Frequently clogged toilet
  • Slow-moving drains, especially in several drains of the home
  • Gurgling or bubbling noises in the lines, especially after flushing
  • Foul odors in the home or even in the yard
  • Damp areas or puddles in the yard when it hasn’t rained

There are many indicators of a sewer line problem. Often, problems with the sewer line are first noticed at the toilet. The toilet in the home is connected directly to the sewer line. It is also the one water appliance that is used frequently by everyone in the household. When a problem occurs, it can often be noticed at the toilet first.

If the sewer line is not properly draining the wastewater from the home, the toilet may seem to clog or have trouble flushing frequently. This can be due to the wastewater having nowhere to go when it is flushed.

For more severe problems, flushing can create sounds in the pipes and other drains in the home that may seem like gurgling or bubbling. This is due to the wastewater being unable to flow through the pipe and causing bubbling or gurgling due to water’s attempt to pass by a clog or break in the line. When the problem becomes worse, it can even cause wastewater to back up into other drains of the house when the toilet is flushed.

Other issues that may be overlooked are the foul smells, puddles in the yard, or even an increase in pests. If the line is clogged or broken, the wastewater has nowhere to go and causes the odors to seep through the drains or even the yard. Breaks can cause water to seep into the yard creating puddles or even well-growing grass. The collecting of sewage can even attract various pests to the yard and home.

Identifying a Sewer Line Problem

If a sewer line problem is detected, it is strongly recommended residents contact a professional. At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our technicians are trained and prepared with the latest equipment and technology to identify any problem with a sewer line and the location of that problem.

Our team will use a drain camera to explore the entire line to identify any buildup, clogs, or breaks in the line. Once the problem is identified, the plumbing experts will provide the homeowner with a detailed explanation of the repairs needed along with a complete estimate for the costs of those repairs. Once the solution is approved by the homeowner, our team will begin work immediately to get the sewer line working again.

Professional Repair Near Me

Sewer line repair in Portage can be complicated. It may also require digging up portions of the home’s yard to reach the damaged line. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has the right equipment and technicians trained to properly use that equipment to get the home back to its normal safe and clean environment.

At the first sign of a sewer line problem, contact our team by phone or online. A convenient appointment will be scheduled to have our expert plumbing technicians visit your home to provide fast and efficient help.

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