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Sewage Pump Installation

Sewage Pump Installation in Portage, IN

Home plumbing systems are made up of various components. Part of the system brings fresh, clean water into your home to be used as needed. Other portions of the system direct wastewater out of the house and send it on its way. Pipes, fittings, and connectors keep the system together and help prevent leaks. They also keep appliances and fixtures connected to the system and help ensure they’re taking in water and draining it properly. Though both the incoming and outgoing portions of the plumbing system are equally important, the components that carry away wastewater can cause the most problems if they malfunction.

While any number of things can go wrong with your sewer system, one common problem is a malfunctioning sewage pump. Gravity and pressure help keep sewer systems working properly, but they can’t always do the job alone. Sewage pumps create the pressure needed to propel wastewater and solid waste through the sewer lines, so they can be sent along to their proper places. If the pump breaks down, you need sewage pump installation in Portage, IN right away.

Fast and Reliable Sewage Pump Installation Services

Sewage pump installation in Portage, IN isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s an essential task that requires the utmost skill and experience. That’s what we have to offer here at Summers Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Our team of plumbing specialists has been serving local customers since 1969, and we’re proud to have built a reputation for excellence. If you think you may need a new sewage pump or are facing other plumbing problems, we’ll handle the situation with the utmost care and expertise.

How Do Sewer Pumps Work?

Sewage pumps are installed at the lowest point in your home’s sewer system, also known as the sewage basin. Wastewater from your sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and appliances flows through the sewer system to the sewage basin. From there, sewage pumps force the water and solid waste out of the basin and on through the sewer lines.

Several types of sewage pumps are on the market. The one in your sewer system is most likely an ejector or grinder pump. Both are effective for handling wastewater and solid household waste. Most of the time, they automatically do their jobs without you having to give them a second thought. Many people aren’t even aware that their homes are equipped with sewage pumps.

How Do I Know If I Need Sewage Pump Replacement?

Malfunctioning sewage pumps can be particularly difficult to detect. At least, that’s the case for a day or two. You may hear strange humming or grinding sounds, but those are often drowned out by the television, HVAC system, and other typical background noise around your home. Of course, it won’t take long for the warning signs of a broken pump to become painfully obvious.

One indication that you need sewage pump installation in Portage, IN is a severely backed-up bathtub drain. If the sewage pump is the problem, it’ll most likely affect the bathtubs or showers on the ground floor of your home. If you have a bathroom in the basement, it’ll be affected as well. Water will begin backing up in those drains because they’re the closest ones to the sewage basin. Since the pump isn’t working, it’s not pumping waste out of the sewage basin, so it has nowhere else to go but back up into your house.

Unfortunately. that’ll only be the beginning of your troubles. If the pump isn’t working, lower-level bathtub drains will be the first ones affected, but they won’t be the last. The longer sewage builds up in the basin, the further into your house the sewage will accumulate. Without prompt sewage pump installation in Portage, IN, you could be facing serious damage and home repair costs that may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Turn to the Local Experts for Sewage Pump Installation

If you’re handy with tools and prefer the do-it-yourself route, you can handle several minor plumbing repairs and upgrades on your own. Sewage pump installation in Portage, IN probably isn’t one of them. This type of job requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of sewer systems and how they work. It also requires a great deal of experience in dealing with sewage pump repairs and replacements.

That’s where Summers Plumbing, Heating & Cooling comes into play. Over the decades, we’ve dealt with thousands of plumbing problems in Portage and the surrounding areas, including malfunctioning sewage pumps. Our team has a wealth of training and experience, and we’re committed to providing unrivaled service. If you need sewage pump installation or repairs, contact us right away, and let us get your home’s sewer system working properly.

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