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Faucet Repair in New Albany

One should be able to switch on and switch off their faucet as and when necessary. Avail faucet repair services in New Albany, IN. Just two hours away from New Albany, Indiana, the Lilly Library hosts a collection of works by the famed American author Edgar Allan Poe. Poe was known for groundbreaking mystery and horror writing that paved the way for the Gothic literature genre. In one of his most famous short stories, The Tell-Tale Heart, the narrator is slowly driven to the brink of madness by the phantom sound of a beating heart.

While that story may seem overwrought, it suddenly becomes a lot more relatable after you’ve spent a sleepless night listening to the steady and relentless dripping of a leaky faucet. Not only is that repetitive sound incredibly irritating, but it also signifies that your money is literally going down the drain.

Repairing a faucet that is leaking or otherwise malfunctioning doesn’t have to be a scary proposition, though. Calling a professional faucet repair service that you trust, like Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, and put your mind at ease.

Common Problems That May Require Faucet Repair

Drips and leaks aren’t the only problems that your faucet might face. There are several other potential difficulties you might encounter. Some of these issues will arise suddenly, while others may slowly develop over time. Let’s break them down further.

Mysterious Faucet Noises May Require a Faucet Repair

The drip-drip-drip of a leaky faucet isn’t the only scary noise you might hear. Sometimes, faucets will emit an unusual sound, like a whistle or a screech. A multitude of things can cause noises like this, including a loose or worn-out washer.

Low Water Pressure May Require a Faucet Repair

One common problem that people encounter is low water pressure. This can happen for many reasons, but it’s especially prevalent in older faucets that feature aerators with small holes.

Over time, sediment and other small debris can build up and clog individual holes. As each clog forms, the water flow can slow down just a little, until one day, you realize it’s just a trickle.

This particular issue is quite prevalent in New Albany, which is renowned for its multiple districts of historic homes. When homes like these are preserved, efforts are often made to keep as many of the older fixtures as possible. That authenticity is important for historical preservation purposes. Older faucets can also add a lot of character to a vintage home.

Newer faucets aren’t immune from low water pressure problems, either. Many newer faucets have incorporated valves into their designs that are intended to trap any debris. But even those faucets can slowly succumb to a  build-up of sediment.

Malfunctioning Faucet Sprayer

Many modern kitchen faucet systems feature a retractable sprayer. This convenient add-on makes it much simpler to wash dishes because the nozzle can be moved around and repositioned.

But like any other faucet, these new sprayers can begin to leak or otherwise break down over time. Sometimes the sprayer won’t turn on, which is mildly inconvenient. And sometimes, it won’t turn off, which is significantly more worrisome.

Do I Really Need To Call a Professional Faucet Repair Service?

If you’ve dabbled in DIY projects around your home, you may feel confident in your abilities to tackle a quick faucet repair. The issue with that is it’s sometimes difficult to ascertain if a faucet repair is truly a simple fix or if there are more complex issues that require professional expertise. While you may end up successfully tightening a washer or making another relatively easy fix, you might also inadvertently make things worse.

It’s easy for people to get in over the heads when they tinker around in an effort to save some time or money. But some tasks, like plumbing, are best left to the professionals. Otherwise, you may find yourself standing in ankle-deep water, trying to find the valve that shuts off the water.

What is the Best Faucet Repair Service Near Me?

The city of New Albany, Indiana has been the home of a number of historic events since it was established over two centuries ago. In 1937, it was one of many Midwestern cities to be devastated by the massive Ohio River flood.

While a broken or malfunctioning faucet isn’t a flood-level catastrophe, it is something that should be remedied as quickly as possible. Minor plumbing issues can escalate quickly, which may ultimately lead to costly repairs. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has served the New Albany community and surrounding areas for over fifty years, providing a vast array of plumbing solutions, including faucet repair services, at affordable prices. Sleep a little better at night, knowing that our customer service line is open 24-hours a day for faucet repair and much more.


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