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Toilet Installation

Toilet Installation in Fort Wayne

When a home’s toilets have reached the end of their useful lives, or the owner simply wants an upgrade, toilet installation isn’t a DIY job. While handy homeowners can handle some plumbing projects, special experience and knowledge will be needed for a toilet installation.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has provided reliable toilet installation services in the Fort Wayne area for over 50 years, and our dedication to customer service and workmanship keeps our customers coming back. Our technicians are all insured, licensed, and certified, which means we’ll do the job effectively, quickly, and safely.

Leave Toilet Installation to the Pros

Installing a toilet is a complicated process. Precise connections will keep them leak-free, while internal adjustments will keep them flushing properly without running all the time. Our plumbers have installed thousands of toilets in the Fort Wayne area, and we’re sure we can handle any difficulties encountered during your project. Toilet replacement may be necessary for a few reasons, including:

  • Leaks that occur due to a cracked tank or bowl
  • Broken toilet seats, flush valve assemblies, handles, and other parts
  • Uncomfortable usage
  • Inefficiency that leads to high water bills and wasted resources
  • Having a round bowl. While there’s nothing wrong with a round bowl, an upgrade to an elongated toilet is a worthy consideration. These bowls are more comfortable, and they also let fewer odors into the room.

These are all great reasons to install a new toilet, especially if you’re performing other bathroom upgrades such as flooring replacement. While it’s possible to reinstall an old toilet, replacing it with a new one is a better idea.

Selecting the Right Model For Your Home

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we will walk you through the installation process. Of all the aspects of toilet installation, choosing the right fixture is one of the most confusing. Our experts will help you select the right toilet based on factors such as:

  • Toilet type. When picking out a new toilet, you’ll have a choice between one- and two-piece designs. Though one-piece models are sleeker, they’re also more expensive. Conventional two-piece toilets are bulkier but more cost-effective. With recent advances in plumbing technology, Fort Wayne’s homeowners can choose options such as automatic cleaning and heated seats. Of course, these features come at an additional cost.
  • The rough-in. This is a measurement of the distance from the wall behind the toilet to its bolt cap. Most toilets have a 10, 12, or 14-inch rough-in, and the distance will determine the type of unit that can be installed. When choosing a toilet, start with this simple measurement.
  • Design options. Here’s another area where the array of options can seem overwhelming. There are several seat height and bowl shape options, all of which affect a toilet’s comfort and aesthetics. When evaluating these options, you’ll have to set design and usability priorities. There are a few other visual components to consider, including the location of the flush handle and the design of the trap. While most traps are hidden, others are revealed. The flush mechanism may be in the lid, on the side, or on the front of the tank.
  • The flushing system. Today’s toilets come in single-, dual-, and touchless-flush alternatives. While a single-flush toilet may use up to 1.6 gallons of water per flush, a dual-flush model may use much less. With touchless flush systems, the toilet uses electronic sensors to initiate the flush sequence instead of relying on input from a button or handle.
  • When selecting a toilet, the cost is a crucial consideration. With every added feature, a unit will cost more. However, with numerous manufacturers offering toilets in various styles, it’s possible to find one that will look great in any bathroom.
  • Whether you’re selling your home or aging in place, an ADA-compliant model is a solid investment. These toilets feature higher bowl heights, which allows additional comfort and safer transfers from walkers and wheelchairs.

Whether you’re replacing one toilet or an entire house full of fixtures, we want to help you make the right choices. Call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling today to schedule a consultation with one of our plumbers. We look forward to serving you soon!

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The pros at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling are proud to help Fort Wayne’s homeowners with their plumbing needs. With our local experience and our commitment to customer service, you can count on our trained technicians to do the job right the first time. Request more information online or call today to discuss your toilet installation project.

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