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Clogged Drains

Clogged Drains in Fort Wayne, IN

A drain clogged in a home can cause a lot of stress no matter where it occurs. It doesn’t matter whether it is a toilet not draining, a shower that will not empty, or a kitchen sink that is stopped. Either way, this can transfer from small stress into a serious issue that could require plumbing services. It is important to find a reputable plumber who is going to make sure everything is taken care of properly. If you live in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is here to help with any type of plumbing issue. This is a plumber who truly cares about homeowners in the area and they will not quit until they have completed properly the job.

Always Hire a Professional

With plumbing problems, it is crucial to hire someone who is fully trained to take care of plumbing problems. You want someone who is going to be respectful of your time and your home. They will always arrive on time and show you courtesy and respect. They have plenty of experience and they have seen many plumbing problems. It doesn’t matter what type what you are dealing with; they are going to be there to take care of it.

There are Many Sources of a Clogged Drain

There are several reasons you may experience a clog in a drain. Hair is going to be the most common. It will combine with residue from the inside of the pipes and even soap scum which can turn into a clog. It won’t be long before something small turns into a blockage inside the drain. Invest in a hair catcher which will slow the problem, but it is not always going to stop it. Pay close attention to what is going into the kitchen sink. Typically, grease is going to be the biggest problem with the kitchen. Some people assume they can run hot water down the drain and everything is going to be fine. However, grease is going to turn to a solid quickly. It will stick to the inside of the pipes and narrow the drainage area. It won’t be long before the drain is completely stopped.

Garbage disposal is also very common for blocking a drain. Even though the food is ground-up, it doesn’t always disappear. Always use the trashcan to get rid of as much as you can before using the garbage disposal. Use caution when flushing anything except for human waste and toilet paper into the toilet. It is never a good idea to flush paper towels, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, or even wipes. These items are going to clog a sewer system quickly.

Hard Water is a Nuisance

Many people don’t realize that hard water buildup can develop on the inside of the pipes. This is a combination of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It won’t be long before the flow of water has been restricted and eventually blocked. Consider a water softener and enjoy plumbing pipes that will last longer.

Tree Roots Can Be Dangerous

It is very common for tree roots to wrap around the sewer lines. It doesn’t take much for the roots to penetrate the drain pipes. Unfortunately, the wastewater is going to act as fertilizer which is going to encourage the trees to grow. It doesn’t take much for the tree roots to become larger and block the pipes.

As a homeowner, it may tempt to fix a clogged drain with an over-the-counter drain cleaning product. Unfortunately, these products can be very toxic for the environment and they can also sometimes cause irreparable damage to the plumbing in a home. It is a worthwhile investment to hire a plumber to come to the home and clear the drains regularly. By doing this, it is less likely that there will be a complete stoppage.

Every homeowner should be able to enjoy plumbing that is functioning properly at all times. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. However, it is possible to reduce the number of times it will be a concern. Schedule an appointment with a plumber today. They will answer questions and help you know more about what can be expected. A plumber is going to work hard to make sure to clear all blockages and they will also prevent the likelihood of another blockage. A plumber has a special camera that is going to find the source of the problem so that we can prevent it from happening again. Always hire a plumber to clear the drains and know for sure that everything will flow smoothly.

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