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July serves as the warmest month of the year in Sellersburg, IN, with the thermostat reaching an average temperature of 77.2 degrees. However, the thermostat drops to 33.1 degrees, on average, during January. As a result, residents of the city find they need both heating and cooling to accommodate these temperature changes. Many homeowners in the area have a mini-split system in the home to keep the interior of their residence comfortable regardless of what it is like outside. What should they do when they find they need a mini-split system repair?

Is a Ductless Mini-Split Repair Necessary?

The experienced HVAC technicians at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling work with clients to determine why their mini-split system isn’t functioning as intended and how best to repair it. Whether it’s an air conditioner or combined heating and cooling unit, the technician quickly determines the cause of the issue and completes a repair that is fast, affordable, and reliable. When a person searches for mini-split repair near me, they may find do-it-yourself tips. It’s best to leave HVAC issues to the pros, especially when the following symptoms are being seen.

The Controls Fail to Respond to Input

When you attempt to change the temperature or try to adjust other settings on the mini-split system, does it fail to respond? Before calling Summers for a repair, check the batteries in the thermostat. This could lead to the controls not responding. However, if that doesn’t work, we are a phone call away. Let us know what you are experiencing and we’ll send a technician out to determine the problem and get the system up and running quickly.

A Jump in Energy Bills

Homeowners expect their utility bills to rise during a heatwave or cold snap. However, when the bills rise and there isn’t a corresponding change in outdoor temperatures, the mini-split system could be malfunctioning. A minor issue can negatively impact the efficiency of the system, leading to a rise in your energy bills. A decrease in system performance often doesn’t become apparent until the minor issue has become a major problem, so the rising energy bill is the only sign the homeowner sees that something is going wrong. The problem could be with the refrigerant level, a dirty air filter, or a fan motor that is failing. Our technician brings the tools and knowledge needed to diagnose the issue and get the system working again. Once the unit reaches 12 years of age, the homeowner should consider replacing it. Ask our technicians to make recommendations on a new system and why they feel it is your best option.

Unusual Noises

Nobody wants to hear a strange noise coming from their HVAC system. Grinding suggests the bearings have worn down and need to be replaced, and this serves as only one example of what a new noise could suggest. Call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to have the bearings replaced before the system sustains additional damage.

Fluctuating Temperatures in the Home

Many problems could lead to inconsistent temperatures in the home. In some cases, the system has developed a refrigerant leak. The technician tests the system to find the repair and fix it. If this isn’t the source of the problem, they check the control systems and fans, both components they are trained to examine and fix if needed.

Cycling Issues

HVAC systems turn on and off intermittently to keep the temperature in the home consistent. If the system frequently cycles on and off or runs continuously, something has gone wrong within the unit. Either issue leads to a reduction in system efficiency and poor temperature control. It also puts additional strain on the system, shortening its lifespan. The Summers technicians will diagnose the problem and restore the system to full operating condition.

Leaks or Excessive Moisture

Mini-split systems pull heat from the house and send it outdoors. When doing so, condensation forms in the interior unit. This is normal, as the unit serves as a dehumidifier that drains this water from the home. However, the pipe becomes clogged at times. When it does, the homeowner notices water dripping from the unit or a puddle forming. Call us and we’ll send someone out to complete a quick and easy repair.

Why Choose Us?

Customers want to know why they should choose us over other HVAC repair providers. Our team is trained to handle any HVAC problem that arises promptly. We bring more than 40 years of experience to each customer interaction and provide the highest-quality repairs. Homeowners feel comfortable knowing the job will be done right and that we will beat or match our competitors’ rates. If your mini-split system suddenly stops working, call us. We have a team on call around the clock to get it up and running quickly, regardless of the day or time. Reach out to Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling now to schedule your HVAC services. We can’t wait to help you.


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