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AC Tune-Up Services in Sellersburg, IN

Homeowners know it is important to set up maintenance services for their air conditioning system before summer begins. The services help them find common problems with their AC system before these issues become severe AC damage. The maintenance services must be completed by an HVAC professional who is certified to manage the specific AC model. They must also follow the exact maintenance steps outlined in the product warranty.

The HVAC professionals will provide the homeowner with details about the services and explain how they improve the AC systems. They will start with seasonal maintenance that involves proper cleaning for all components, and the service providers will inspect the units to find any existing problems that could lead to breakdowns later.

Cleaning Out All the Debris

Seasonal cleaning services eliminate debris from inside the AC system. The dirt, dust, grease, and leaves often accumulate in the system in-between seasons. The interior unit could have debris such as dust, pet hair, dandruff, and dirt. By cleaning out the units, debris will not present any airflow problems for the AC system, and it will not develop a blockage. HVAC professionals recommend completing this step before the beginning of summer when homeowners are more likely to turn on their AC system.

Prevent Components from Grinding

Proper lubrication for all components is the key to long-term use, and if they are not lubricated before using the unit, it can cause serious damage. Typically, unlubricated components could grind together, and the homeowner will not get full use value from them. The components could become severely damaged, and the homeowner will have to replace them sooner than expected. HVAC professionals complete this step when inspecting the units and testing the components.

Correcting Condenser Coil Issues

The fins on the condenser coil must remain straight for the components to work properly. If they are bent or broken, the component will not work properly and produce cool air. The HVAC technician will straighten out the fins to ensure the component works properly. However, if it is missing fins, or if the condenser coil is rusted or has any serious signs of corrosion, it must be replaced for the AC system to perform as expected.

Evaluate the Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant levels are critical for the proper function of the AC system. If it doesn’t have adequate levels of refrigerant, the system cannot produce cool air or circulate it throughout the home. The technicians will use gauges to determine if the system needs a charge with the gas. They will also test the system for gas leaks that threaten the environment. If the refrigerant used for the unit is no longer available, the property owner may need to replace their AC system.

Where to Get AC Services

Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling offer comprehensive HVAC services for property owners. The service provider completes full inspections for heating and cooling systems, and they provide recommendations for repairs. They offer guaranteed services for homeowners, and they will provide manufacturer’s warranties for all new installations. Property owners can learn more about setting up AC Tune-Up Services by contacting the service provider directly for an appointment.

Is the System Still Viable?

If the AC system is no longer viable, the HVAC professionals will explain why it is not repairable to the property owner. They will offer complete estimates for replacement units and disclose the full costs to the homeowner. They can help the property owner compare upfront costs and maintenance expenses for the systems to find the most affordable choice for their home. The service providers will also explain what unit size is needed for the property.

Homeowners set up routine maintenance services for their AC systems before the summer starts, and this will decrease the risk of breakdowns during the summer. The service providers can inspect the entire system for common problems and test the components thoroughly. Each assessment determines if a component needs to be replaced or repaired.

They will also clean out the units and eliminate any debris that affects airflow through the home and the air quality. The service providers will measure the air filters and ensure that the property owner is using the correct size. If not, the service provider makes recommendations for the appropriate filters. If it is too small, it will not capture the debris in the unit, and the debris will circulate through the entire system and the home. The thermostat is also tested to ensure that it is reading the room temperature correctly. Property owners can learn more about routine maintenance by contacting their preferred service providers now.


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