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Duct Cleaning

Duct Services Cleaning in Merrillville, IN

While the weather is beautiful most of the time in Merrillville, IN, the allergens that come with the sunshine and flowers in the area are not always pleasant. During the Spring, many residents complain of a slew of allergy symptoms due to the high amount of pollen in the air. Even with beautiful weather, Merrillville air allergens can leave residents feeling crummy, even in their own homes.

What are the options for those suffering from springtime allergens? While over-the-counter medicines and tissues are an option, it is smarter to improve the air quality in the home. To do this, homeowners need the services of an experienced indoor air quality contractor like Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

Why choose Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling? This company has been serving those in and around Crown Point for more than fifty years. Summers Plumbing offers honest and fair pricing and will even meet or beat competitor’s pricing.

The Goal of Duct Cleaning

What is the purpose and goal of duct cleaning? Duct cleaning is a professional service offered by Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling that aims to improve the air quality in a home. A licensed contractor will thoroughly inspect the home’s ventilation system for leaks or damage at the appointment. The ducts will then be cleaned using specialized tools.

In regards to duct cleaning, the goal is to remove any built-up gunk or debris. This includes bacteria, mold, mildew, dirt, pollen, dust, pet dander, and more. Over time, these unhealthy contaminants attach to the inside of duct systems. Without our regular professional cleanings, all that built-up gunk gets released into the home’s air anytime the HVAC system turns on. 

The Importance of Duct Cleaning

Why is duct cleaning important? A dirty duct system can mean health issues for those that live in the home. Many people are suffering from allergies without realizing how bad the air is in their homes.

Pollen is notorious for causing sneezing and headaches, but there is typically a lot more than pollen in a family’s ducts. Commonly found in ducts are mold, mildew, and bacteria, which cause respiratory illness. While mild mold infestations may go unnoticed, severe cases can cause the home to stink. 

Those who choose to have their ducts professionally cleaned By Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling will notice the difference that clean air in the home makes during allergy season. The expertly trained technicians will remove residual contaminants, drastically improving the indoor air quality. With clean vents, it will make it easier for the AC system to cool the home properly.

Other Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling is a company that specializes in improving indoor air quality. On top of duct cleaning services, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling provides many other services to improve the air quality in a home. The company also offers air testing services to determine how clean or dirty a home’s air is.

Once the technician has inspected the home for air quality, they will go over the options available that will enhance and improve the air in the home. One option the technician may suggest is to install a whole-home air purification system. A whole-home air purification system is a device that is installed in the intake vent. It has a specialized UV light that kills airborne bacteria and pollen.

Another great option is to install a new HEPA air filter. A HEPA air filter is a high-efficiency filter that blocks most of the contaminants from entering an air conditioner’s ventilation system. By combining both a HEPA filter and a purification system, a homeowner can reduce their allergy and respiratory illness symptoms.

The Price of Duct Cleaning

Those on a tight budget will be delighted to find out that duct cleaning is an affordable service. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling will match or beat any local competitor’s pricing, meaning that a homeowner knows they are getting the best deal out there when they choose Summers Plumbing. On top of being cost-effective, duct cleaning is convenient.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers flexible scheduling options to work around a customer’s busy schedule. Once the technician arrives at the home, they will immediately start working to remove all of the debris accumulated in the home’s air ducts. Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling technicians value their customer’s time, so the technicians arrive promptly on time.

Duct Cleaning in Merrillville, IN

Those who take care of their home’s cooling system will find that it enhances their lives in terms of cool, comfortable air and high air quality. Those who have their ducts and HVAC system regularly maintained will extend the service life of their air conditioner and improve the overall air quality in their home.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling’s offers high-quality, low-cost duct cleaning services in Merrillville, IN. Those with a busy schedule can relax, knowing that the team can work around their schedule to find a convenient time. Call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for all your residential heating and cooling needs. We are here to help!


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