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Furnace Replacement

Important Factors Surrounding Furnace Replacement

Northern Indiana can experience some chilling winter temperatures, making a fully functional furnace important at keeping a family safe from the dangers of exposure. Households that can’t seem to stay warm enough need to have an expert HVAC technician visit to assess the situation as quickly as possible. If left unchecked, a struggling furnace can unexpectedly quit and leave the homeowner in a dilemma that they could have prepared for.

An Established Crew of Experienced HVAC Technicians

For the past four decades, the team at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling has provided the residents of Merrillville, IN with outstanding HVAC service. Homeowners requiring assistance ranging from basic repairs to a new furnace installation can depend on these experts for courteous and reliable service. A 100% customer satisfaction guarantee comes with each project and no job is ever too large for the team to handle.

Efficiency Can Drop as a Furnace Ages

Unless a furnace abruptly stops running, most homeowners don’t notice that something is wrong with it for quite some time. As furnaces age, the wear on their internal components can cause the functional decline of important mechanisms as well as the failure of established settings. Units that aren’t seasonally maintained by a professional will gradually lose their energy efficiency and struggle to provide the home with the proper amount of heat. These factors can go unnoticed until they reach a point when the residents realize that the heating they desire is no longer there.

Never Ignore Increased Utility Costs

The most significant indicator that a furnace isn’t operating correctly is an increase in energy costs. It’s normal for utility companies to raise prices slightly each year, but when the household gas or electric bill jumps substantially from one winter season to the other, it’s a red flag that the furnace needs help. Although dealing with increased utility costs may seem like a small price to pay, a household will lose more money over time than what they would save after installing a replacement.

Less Downtime is a Key Warning Sign

Another sign that something is wrong is an increase in operating time. If it seems that the furnace is running a lot longer or more frequently than usual, it signifies that it is no longer efficiently heating the home. Although this could be a repairable issue, it more likely indicates that the age of the unit is taking a toll.

Flame Status is a Significant Factor

Homeowners that suspect something is wrong with their furnace but aren’t sure about calling for repairs should check the flame color to confirm that it is burning safely. A blue flame indicates that proper gas combustion is occurring, whereas one that is yellow, orange, or red, the burner is not getting enough air. These latter colors can also signify excess carbon monoxide, a danger to the entire home that needs immediate professional attention.

Finding an Affordable Way to Bring the Heat Back

The cost of furnace replacement can intimidate a lot of homeowners. Fortunately, Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling provides a free estimate service that details all charges related to the labor and equipment involved in a furnace installation. The company also offers competitive price matching, online coupon discounts, and links to Indiana energy rebates so that customers will feel more at ease with the decision they are making. A financial representative is also available to help find options that make furnace replacement more affordable for anyone overwhelmed by the expense.

Seasonal Maintenance Keeps Heat Flowing Smoothly

Once a new furnace installation is complete, homeowners can sit back, relax, and enjoy a warm home without fear of a breakdown during frigid temperatures. To ensure that this continues each winter season, the technicians at Summers can return during the fall to provide routine maintenance before the unit is operating regularly. This beneficial service provides a tune-up to the HVAC system and helps extend its operational life span.

A Professional Evaluation Eliminates Any Potential Issues

During a maintenance visit, the technician checks over the entire heating system to ensure that no fatal problems exist. Before running a diagnostic test, the filter is replaced, dust and debris removed from the interior, moving parts lubricated, and batteries changed in the thermostat. The technician will also test the force and temperature of the air as well as the response of the unit to the thermostat to confirm that everything is operating at peak performance.

Emergency Repair Service is Readily Available

Even with regular maintenance, there is always the possibility that something will trigger a malfunction. With this in mind, the technicians at Summers maintain 24/7 availability to address emergency air handling issues regardless of the situation. On-call after hours, during the weekend, and on holidays, these skilled professionals quickly respond to any service call without hesitation.

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