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AC Tune-Up Services in Greencastle, IN

Homeowners set up routine maintenance services and tune-ups for their air conditioning units to eliminate issues and get the most use-value from their unit. The routine maintenance services are outlined by the manufacturer in their product warranty, and an HVAC professional must complete these steps to maintain the product.

HVAC professionals complete a multitude of services according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Each air conditioning system requires services to test and assess the components. The testing defines what components must be replaced to restore services and prevent a breakdown during extreme temperatures.

Routine maintenance steps require them to assess each component and test them for functionality. The system is cleaned out completely, and the service providers lubricate the parts for proper movement. At the end of the process, the units will operate smoothly and provide adequate cool air for the property owners.

A Complete Inspection of the Unit

Inspections for the air conditioning systems show the technicians where problems exist. They review the system for blockages caused by debris, and they look for obvious signs of wear and tear. All issues are reported to the property owner with a complete estimate for the repairs or replacement services. If there is mold inside the unit, the property owner will need to report it to their homeowner’s insurance carrier to get the mold removed properly. Mold remediation services must be completed to eliminate health risks and damage to the AC system.

Testing the Components

Component testing defines what components are lubricated properly and what parts must be replaced. They test the condenser coil, fan, motor, condensation drain, and inspect all the piping leading throughout the system. Whenever a component must be replaced, the property owner receives a full estimate for the services, and the service provider gives them a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty provides coverage according to the longevity of the parts.

Does the Thermostat Work Properly?

The thermostat must gauge the temperature properly to engage the AC system, and if the thermostat is failing, it will not generate accurate temperature and could make the system operate more often. This increases the cost of the cooling services. When replacing the thermostat, many HVAC professionals recommend a programmable product. It gives the homeowner more control over their unit.

The HVAC professionals will also review the space around the thermostat, and if there is a draft, they will give the property owner advice about sealing off the property. By sealing the property, they eliminate drafts that could generate irregular temperature readings.

Evaluating the Air Filters

Air filters are vital for the AC systems, and they must be the appropriate size for the AC to capture debris effectively. If the air filter is too small, the debris will move around it and circulate throughout the system and the home. This could decrease the air quality, and the property owner could experience more allergy symptoms and asthma attacks. An HVAC professional will provide information about the appropriate air filter size.

Does the Unit Need to Be Replaced?

The HVAC professional will determine if the AC system is still viable. They determine if the unit should be replaced. The test is to determine if the cost of repairing the unit exceeds the cost of a brand new AC system. Property owners must consider feasibility. For example, if they repair a component or replace it, but the system is 15 years old, there are no guarantees that the unit will operate properly the following year. They could save money by installing a new unit.

Homeowners evaluate routine maintenance services for their AC system and set up the services according to the manufacturer’s instructions. All new units come with maintenance steps described in the product warranty. The steps must be followed exactly to retain the warranty. An HVAC professional can review the information and complete the steps for the homeowner.

HVAC professionals can make recommendations for the property owner if they need repairs or replacement services. By scheduling the services as directed, the homeowner can get more use value from their AC systems. Property owners can find out more about routine maintenance by contacting their preferred service providers now. 

Where to Get A Tune-Up

Summers Plumbing Heating and Cooling offers exceptional routine maintenance services for residential property owners. The service provider completes inspections for the AC system and finds issues quickly. They will guarantee all their services and provide the homeowner with advice about their AC systems and how to maintain them. Property owners can find out more about AC Tune-Ups in Greencastle, IN by contacting the service provider and setting up an appointment right now.


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