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Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installation Services in Schererville, IN

No one likes having to worry about their basement, crawl space, or home being flooded. But, it can happen when the water table is high or there are too many days of rain. A sump pump may help homeowners avoid flooding in their homes. A sump pump is an important tool to help prevent and mitigate water trying to flood a home. But, the sump pump can only pump water out of a home if it is kept in good working condition.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers their customers professional sump pump installation and maintenance in Schererville. If you don’t have a sump pump and need one, we can install one for you and if you already have a sump pump system, our plumbing team can perform maintenance and repairs on it. Adding or maintaining a sump pump is a very good way to prevent home flooding disasters.

Our licensed and certified plumbing experts are trained to work on your most complex plumbing projects and install or repair them correctly the first time. We approach every job with honesty, integrity, and transparency so our service is unmatched. Our technicians arrive on the job equipped with the tools, skills, and experience to get your sump pump up and running quickly or perform any other plumbing service you may need.

For professional sump pump service near Schererville, call or contact Summers Plumbing Heating& Cooling today to get information on our services and how we can help you.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a piece of equipment installed in the home to prevent flooding from rising water. The sump pump works by collecting excess water and pumping it away from the home and its foundation in drainage pipes.

Sump pumps can be used in two ways. They can be used in emergencies to pump standing water out of a flooded basement or other space. They can also be permanently installed to help deter moisture and water build-up. They would typically be permanently installed in a home’s basement where water is most likely to collect.

The two types of sump pumps available include the submersible pump and the pedestal pump. The difference between them is the way water is stored in the system.

A submersible pump sits underneath the water, and the pedestal pump sits above the water. Submersible sump pumps are quieter but are more expensive to run.

Sump Pump Maintenance

If you have a home with a basement in Schererville, installing a sump pump system is the best way to control water coming into the basement and avoid a flooding disaster. While sump pumps are designed and built to last, they do wear out eventually and need to be replaced. Things that cause sump pumps to wear out include:

  • Age
  • Internal and external damage
  • Clogging
  • Mechanical failure.

Most of these issues can be avoided and the sump pump made to last longer by maintaining the unit properly. Contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling for quality sump pump service. Our technicians will perform regular sump pump maintenance to ensure the sump pump is always working to protect your home.

Sump Pump Repair and Replacement in Schererville

Eventually, all appliances need repair or replacement and the same goes for sump pumps. Often, the sump pump can be repaired to last longer if the problem is caught in time. When the time comes for repair or replacement of your sump pump, contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling right away. We will address all your repair needs such as:

Removing Clogs and Built-Up Debris

Our professional plumbers will come to your home and clear out the sump pump system of clogs and debris that are preventing water from flowing freely.

Repair a Faulty Switch

A common problem needing repair is a faulty sump pump switch. This can happen after extended periods of inactivity. Our experts can check the switch to make sure it is working and if it is not, they can replace it.

Identify Strange Noises and Find the Solution

When you hear strange noises coming from the sump pump when it is operating, give us a call. The experts at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling have experienced many strange noises with sump pumps and their causes. They can find the trouble and repair it quickly.

Fix Impeller Damage

If your sump pump is running but the water isn’t going anywhere, it could be a malfunctioning impeller. Our certified technicians can repair a broken impeller and get the sump pump running again.

Long-Running cycles

If the sump pump seems to always be running, it could need more power, or this sump pump can not handle the demands of your household. A new, better sump pump may be needed to do the job.

Where Can I Get a Sump Pump Installation in Schererville?

Residents of Schererville and the area can find sump pump services with Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We offer dependable, high-quality services at reasonable prices. Contact us today for information and a free quote.

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