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Faucet Repair

Faucet Repair Services in Mishawaka, IN

There are few things more frustrating to homeowners and their families than dripping faucets. The problems associated with faucet leaks go far beyond just the annoying sound of water constantly dripping into the sink. Over time, even a small leak can lead to gallons of water being wasted. Instead of attempting to make difficult and often ineffective DIY fixes, Mishawaka, IN homeowners can call Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to get the faucet repairs they need.

Summers Plumbing has been repairing faucets in Mishawaka, IN since 1969. These licensed, insured, and thoroughly professional plumbers can also tackle a wide range of other common household plumbing problems. The best part is, the company truly cares about its customers, so homeowners can always expect exceptional, friendly, and professional service.

Professional Faucet Repairs

It doesn’t matter if the leaky faucet is in a kitchen sink or a bathtub. Professional plumbers can handle any repair tasks, from fixing the existing faucet to replacing it with a new one. Since the experts at Summers Plumbing know how quickly minor problems can escalate into serious plumbing emergencies, they keep licensed technicians on-call 24/7 to handle all of their clients’ needs.

Most homeowners only notice faucet problems when the sound of leaking water starts driving them insane. There are, however, a few other early warning signs that could indicate trouble to come. They include:

  • Distortions to the water stream
  • Sticking or squeaking handles
  • Visible rust or corrosion
  • Flecks in the water
  • Gurgling or knocking sounds when the faucet is turned on
  • Loose handles

Instead of waiting until these problems lead to a persistent leak, call Summers Plumbing when they arise. A licensed plumber can inspect the faucet, figure out what’s wrong, and recommend an appropriate solution.

Common Reasons for Faucet Repair in Mishawaka, IN

Faucet problems range from minor issues to major leaks, but professional plumbers can fix them all. Some of the most common faucet repairs in Mishawaka, IN include:

Persistent Drips

By far the most common reason homeowners call plumbers to repair or replace their faucets is persistent dripping. The drips may eventually escalate to a steady stream, and either way, they waste a lot of water, so don’t put off calling for help.

Loose Handles

Over time, a faucet’s handles may become loose or less responsive, making it difficult for users to control temperature and water flow. In some cases, resolving this problem will require nothing more than tightening a few screws. In others, internal parts will need to be replaced. Many homeowners prefer to use loose handles as a good excuse to upgrade their faucets.

Insufficient Water

Whether a faucet is only producing a small dribble of water, or it has stopped working entirely, that’s cause for concern. If the rest of the home’s taps are still operating as intended, the underlying problem is probably with the faucet itself. That said, many issues can lead to insufficient water supply, so it’s always best to hire a plumber who can tackle all kinds of repairs.

Unusual Noises

Under normal operating conditions, the only noise coming from a faucet should be the pleasant sound of clean, clear water running from the tap. If the faucet is making unusual, high-pitched whistling sounds, homeowners should take that as a warning sign. It’s also important to call a plumber if there are rattling or clanging sounds coming from anywhere beneath or around the sink.

Ineffective DIY Repairs

Believe it or not, one of the most common reasons that plumbers get called out to deal with faucet problems isn’t due to preexisting issues with the plumbing. It’s to manage situations caused by unprofessional, DIY repairs. Unless homeowners have training as professional plumbers, they shouldn’t be trying to fix or replace their own faucets.

Repair or Replace?

While it makes sense for homeowners to repair expensive water-using appliances like water heaters and washing machines, it’s often more cost-effective to replace aging faucets. Most faucets will last 15-20 years before they start dripping or experiencing other problems. If the faucet is more than 15 years old, homeowners should request a replacement. When in doubt, homeowners should request a professional opinion. Doing so is a simple matter of calling Summers Plumbing to schedule an inspection.

Faucet Repairs and Replacements in Mishawaka, IN

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling can tackle any plumbing problem. These experts can make quick work of repairing or replacing faucets in La Pointe and always strive to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Call them to schedule faucet repairs today.


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