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Furnace Maintenance

Summers Furnace Maintenance in Carmel, IN

Furnaces are the most common central heating source for most older homes. These units had a humble beginning in the early days of central heating. Often, these furnaces were used to burn coal or wood inside the home to provide heat to the entire house.

Most home furnaces are either fueled by natural gas, propane, or electricity. Unlike their early days, furnaces have become very energy efficient. Some even boast a 98% energy efficiency rating. The energy rating is based on how much fuel is used in the furnace to turn it into usable heat for the home.

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our team of professional technicians offers a variety of services to keep any home’s furnace running safely and efficiently all winter long. We offer furnace maintenance in Carmel, IN, to provide the furnace the care it needs to be ready for the cold winter months.

How the Furnace Heats the Home

All furnaces work in the same basic manner. The power source is used to heat the nearby air. This air is then blown throughout the home. The furnace has a motor system with a fan to blow the air throughout the home. This blown air is then sent traveling through a series of ducts to warm the entire house.

Common Types of Furnaces

Homeowners need to understand the type of furnace they have in their homes. Each type works on a different fuel source and requires specific care to ensure they are safe and ready for use when the temperatures drop. These types include the following.

Natural Gas 

One very common and rather efficient type of furnace is the natural gas furnace. Natural gas is often piped into the home from a natural gas company to fuel the furnace. Gas furnaces have a pilot light at the unit that stays lit all the time.

When the gas fills the furnace’s combustion chamber, the pilot light ignites the burners to create heat. This heat is moved to the heat exchange where it is transferred to the air. When the air is fully heated, it is then sent blowing through the entire home via the ducts.


Propane furnaces are very similar to natural gas furnaces. They use a pilot light to ignite the fuel to heat the air. The air is then blown throughout the home. The only main difference is that these furnaces use propane instead of natural gas.

The propane for these furnaces is stored in tanks instead of being piped into the home. These furnaces are often the best option for those living in a rural setting where natural gas is not available. It can even be a great alternative to electricity in areas where electric service is not dependable.


Electric furnaces are a little different in that they do not require natural gas or propane to be brought into the home. These systems also do not require combustion to heat the air. There are electric heating elements used to heat the air.

When the thermostat in the home drops below a set temperature, the ignition of the furnace triggers the heating elements. These heating elements are comprised of conductive coils that use electricity to heat them. This then heats the air around the coils. This air is then blown into the ducts of the home.

Professional Furnace Maintenance Service

Each type of furnace includes many parts that are needed to ensure it provides the most efficient heating possible. All these parts must be in good working order to ensure the furnace heats the home all winter long.

Annual maintenance of a furnace ensures the system is ready to go the moment the temperatures start dropping. Although this maintenance can be performed by the homeowner, it is strongly recommended that a trained technician provide the care the furnace needs to ensure safety and proper functionality.

At Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our technicians are trained in the various types of furnaces and their proper care. Our team is also experienced in the various safety precautions needed when working with a furnace.

When the technician arrives, an inspection and cleaning of the entire system will be performed. They will also provide lubrication and adjustments to the various parts of the system. They will also check all gas or propane connections and check the system for leaks of both fuel and carbon monoxide. This ensures that the system is safe and ready to go.

Furnace Service Near Me

Furnace maintenance in Carmel, IN should be performed at least once a year before the system is to be used regularly. This service ensures that the system is running properly, safely, and efficiently. It can even help homeowners avoid a breakdown during the winter months. Simply contact Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling to make an appointment.


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