Dave Jourdan Speaks to High School Seniors About Trade Skill Careers


The children of our nation are the future of our nation, and it is important to give them as many opportunities for success as possible. Dave Jourdan and our entire team at Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling understands and appreciates this truth. In order to help young adults find their own path to success, Dave recently traveled to Converse, Indiana to attend and speak at the Oak Hill High School Career Day.

Mr. Jourdan spoke to seniors and focused on career opportunities in skilled trades of the future. Each year, in most regions around the country, there is a growing need for talented individuals in all varieties of trade skill careers, especially plumbing and HVAC. A student who decides upon a trade skill career after graduation will be aiming himself or herself towards an in-demand and rewarding skillset that will always be necessary.

Dave also discussed what it means to be a “good” employee. Most high school students have never been officially employed by any company, and there are little to no training courses readily available to tell them about what to expect when hired as an employee. By including this topic in his discussion, Mr. Jourdan hopes to give high school seniors an additional tool for a successful career.

Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling would like to give thanks to Oak Hill High School for allowing Mr. Jourdan to speak at Career Day. We wish nothing but the best for the seniors in attendance and their journeys after high school.

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